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Sindhu And Rashmi

04.03.2013 05:30 EST
Thanks to those females who suggested what more i should have done to increase the pleasures of the two queens of my previous story.This is the story which happened over the weekend. I was travelling from Bangalore to Gulburga. This being a long weekend of Good Friday all buses were full and i had to opt for the Red bus which is least comfortable. It was 4 pm and i went and sat on a three seater window side cursing myself for not realising that it was a long weekend i had to plan my trip with advance reservation. It was one of my fortunate days when a married lady in her early 30 , younger to me came and sat near the isle. She was not at all beautiful and from the glance i had, i saw her tits were small may be half a palm or so, thin looking but seemed to be for upper middle class family.
Since i am always after beautiful looking females for a change started thinking how it will be to give her pleasure who was not at pretty. As you remember i am on the hefty side, so the only prayer in mind was God if you do not want to send any female in the middle then do not send any fat man too. But it was a very pleasant surprise when a female may be 23 to 25 came and asked the married lady to move in the middle. This female was very simple looking tall and gave a happy feeling when you looked at her. As expected the married lady said she would prefer the aisle seat and let this girl go in the middle. This female was pretty chirpy trying to make conversation with married lady. At 8.00 pm the bus halted in Shira for dinner highway. From the conversation of the two ladies i gathered the married lady was Rashmi and the chirpy girl was Sindhu. After the snacks etc came back and allowed the bus to start.

The best thing on these buses is all lights are turned off. It must have been around 9 30 pm when my thoughts again started to give pleasures to Rashmi now that i knew her name, and i had an instant hard on. Men are Men so i was feeling discomfort on my rod pushing the undergarment. As habit i tried to keep it down, by pushing it down over my pants. Somehow i felt like rubbing my rod for some time so i started to slowly massage my dick. With every upward movement my arms touching Sindhus arms. I did not want anyone to know what i was doing so i was doing this whenever the bus would be on a bad road patch. I kept on doing this for may be 15 to twenty mins and continuously for last six to seven mins. While my thoughts were squeezing Rashmi small tits and the thought of the sensation totally made me forget such constant movement of hand will wake people up.
While i was busy doing it, Sindhu changed her position as if to adjust her legs and shoulder, to my surprise she adjusted in such a way every time my hand went up it was now on her breasts and not arms. Thoughts of Rashmi had made me forget Sindhu. I wondered may be she was asleep and thought of touching her breast for one time and let her sleep then. This was because of her sweet innocent face which made sexual thoughts disappear. Yet once was all i had thought of doing. Slowly i moved my arms and placed it on her breasts, to my surprise Sindhu now started to move her breasts in slow up and down movement with her tits becoming taut. Her moves were such that i could not figure out if it was the road or desire which was making Sindhu do this or her desire. Man what pleasure it was my arms could feel her contour very clearly so i pushed it harder which she reciprocated with still harder push.
So now my arms started going in slow circular movement with some time sharp up and down movements it was pretty obvious now Sindhu was all awake when i was rubbing myself and that had aroused her. I acted as if my arms were paining so i folded them and kept it on my chest, with my right arm below the left. If you see that in such position your right arm is absolutely free to do whatever it wants to. Sindhu shifted towards the front and lifted her right hand to hold the front seat head rest. This is all i wanted, using the free hand i started squeezing her breasts very very softly, and one squeeze after the other i kept on doing it for some time when Sindhu all of a sudden took her hand kept on my hand which was on her breast and started squeezing my hand hard with very fast frequency.
Now i realised she wanted a rough squeezing. So i started squeezing her tits hard and fast and in circular motion, with my other free hand i started tickling her thighs which she naturally spread so that i could touch her pussy. SO one hand squeezing her tits and other rubbing her pussy. I started to pinch her nipples while was squeezing her when she let out her first shhhhhh.
Suddenly i heard Rashmi, asking Sindhu what happened, to which Sindhu said she was feeling hot as there was no air while she was responding i knowingly pinched her nipples when she said offffffff. Now i stopped squeezing her breast and from the slit of her dress i put my hand to feel her thighs over her pyjama and moved my hand on her pussy up and down in circles. i could feel her clit and the wetness had crossed her panties and to her pyjama. While i was rubbing her pussy, Rashmi remarked, Sindhu why are you shaking so much, and she was feeling pushed out of the seat. While she was apologizing i had by now had untied her pyjama and my hand was inside her panties playing with her bush when i inserted my fingers. Sindhu said ummmmmmm offff shhhhh. i Started fingering her while i took some time to rub her clit.
When i increased the speed she went stiff and softly whispered quickly remove your hand, i went on rubbing till she cummed all over my hand.Again she said offfffff aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhshhs. Rashmi might have realised something fishy was happening, when she suggested Sindhu should move to the window side and get some fresh air. While she was talking how to approach me who was sleeping i quickly wiped my hand on her pyjama and adjusted myself. I myself asked her if she wanted the window side which she agreed. So Sindhu got up and i pushed myself to the middle seat while she was standing to come to the window side, i bit Sindhus bums, when Sindhu said aoooooo ohhhhhhhh. Now i had Rashmi on one side and SIndhu on other.
I acted sleepy and with every turn started taking my face towards Sindhus neck and finally pretending as if i was snoring i put my face on her shoulder. With my arms again on her breasts my face on her Shoulder suddenly i realised Sindhus hand were on my pants rubbing them the same way as i was doing it to myself. I started licking SIndhus ears her neck slowly came on her breast and bit them her taut breasts were pushing them into my mouth and her hand rubbing my dick harder and harder it took me no time to cum in my inner garments.
We started pretending sleepy smooched for a long time when i put my tongue in her mouth once she was taken aback but slowly started using her tongue on mine. Suddenly she pushed me and said, she would be getting down at Lingsur. IF i wanted i could get down with her and to her parents she would introduce me as her colleague. I took her number and address and promised to drop down on my way back and kissed her one last time and also pinched her nipples. The lights came on and SIndhu got up picked her water bottle, i requested if i could have some water which i had to spill on my pants to cover my wetness, which i exactly did. I told SIndhu that i would help her with her luggage so i got down.
Her father was in the bus stand at 2.30 am. When i came back i saw Rashmi smiled at me and said if she could take the window seat. TO which i said i am Ok if she did not expect me to go the aisle side as it was empty, even i wanted air, she smiled an d said that should be OK. Here i was with the lady who gave me the arousal which resulted in enjoyment with Sindhu.
So the bus started and Rashmi started to sway in her sleep and she came and slept on my shoulder, i thought this was the chance and woke her up. She apologized and sat, i suggested if she wanted she could sleep flatly with me moving towards the aisle side. She reminded me of the "I wanted air" statement i said that was Ok.
So Rashmi made herself comfortable with her head towards my legs and her legs towards the window. I kept my hand between the headrest and the rod with majority of my hand almost near her small breasts. All of a sudden there was a break and my hand landed on her breasts. I said sorry to which she smiled kept her head on my lap and said, will you do everything what you did to her to me too?. I said what did i do to her, she said, do i not know when a woman does shhhhhh and turned and kissed my crotch.................... Do share your feedback on this story by writing to with the incidence name.
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