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Top Of The Pops Part IV!

31.08.2011 09:38 EDT

The final part, and the part that all of you guys have been waiting for...well...five of you, anyway!
So...without further ado...delay...or ceremony... Here...We... Go!!!
At number 5...he's been as patient as he can be!'s a "friend" from across "the pond"...Cummer022! Close to disqualification at one point for commenting just for the sake of it, he's endeared me by the use of the word "penis" and by having the only mobile (or is that cell-?) phone that works in the shower!
At 4...and if I was judging by the horniness of comments and not their volume he'd be No. 1(!)'s! I love the way his mind works...his dark thoughts...and his spunked-over cap! Respect,! You have mine!!!
At 3...and this surprised me a lot!...not a regular visitor to my blog, but when he does he reads loads of it!...and not a big private chatter/'s... ROMULUS COOL! How many times have you wanked over my blog, COOL? I really want to know! was a very close finish for 2nd and 1st place...and I would like to pronounce you equal Top...but then you'd just argue over it! So...
At Antipodean "friend"... AUSSIE2011! You have my number, AUSSIE...hope you'll hear me spunk my load one day? Johnstan01 must've told you it's worth hearing...?
And number of The Devil and up he pops!'s johnstan01! (Round of applause, please?) He's been a "friend" since I started on here...I've lost count of how many times he's made me spunk...and maybe...just maybe...we'll meet one day soon? Then I'll make all his fantasies come true...
Well.....I'm almost speechless...wot a nice surprise....i guess over the years my comments have aded up. I've really enjoyed makin em.... and, yeah, I've lost count too of the number of times i've cum to yer blog pics Ian lol. I seem to remember summat bout the winner can have wot eva they want (12 th Aug blog...thats wot it sez ha ha) I don't need to think bout that for long guys...but we'll have to convert Ian's bro too (or get him pissed). Thanks for all the fun Ian - promise I'll keep in touch you sexy c...
01.09.2011 08:43 EDT,

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