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beyond limits

Coment in my Guestbuk's mobile blog

Although we have
never met, you have
touched the very heart
of my soul..
Your patience, love,
and understanding
have carried me
through some hard
Although you are a
world away, somehow
we know each other in
a way that really
We are closer than
most people who have
met, because we have
taken the time to
reach deep within
ourselves to know the
person beyond the
It is truly what is on
the "inside" that
counts. You are more
than words on a
You are an inspiration
in times of need... You
give me hope when
things seem lost...
You make me laugh,
cry, listen and talk...
You make me think
without saying a
In this vast world of
silent talk, although
we have never met, I
have found a true
This Rose is for you!
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