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iloveme jmm i eh - Comics/Fantasy/Anime Wallpaper

^¥^ζęℓƒ ¢ĦλŦ^¥^

26.07.2010 14:55 EDT
^¥^. . jst nw befor, i had to watch it again. . Unfortunately. . Da video. . Two muslims (yeah terrorists nt human/orthodoxes thou) gettin an american citizen's knees down. They two behind him. Tht normal common man now all under those two custody. . Kina elliptical face cut. . His unshaved beard sayin its age around a week. . His hands tied behind his waists. . His eyes lookin at camera and seekin/beggin da final help frm smwere, smhw, by da chance if any. . For a life. . 1st terrorist (yeah muslim thou now) pourin sm water on tht hosts head. .then, Da nxt terrorist got a shinin sword on his hand and started to cut his neck frm his front side to bk. . In a slow manner. . Da moment they placin sword n his neck, . fresh, dark red blood wettin tht american's chest and shirt. Cud see his ħĕąřŧ pumpin out his blood throu da cut path. Lke frm a let nozzles, wthout knowin no more pumped up blood guna reach his brain. . Can figure it out much bt sudnt. Finally tht american head placed on his ðęăď body alone. . His eyes still lookin around and tis camera clickin his last secs of life. . Bt da ting is when his head cuttin off frm body, da entire place filled wth only one slogan "ALLAH AKBAR. . ALLAH AKBAR. . ALLAH AKBAR". Now i ahead these two terrorists and standin, starin up on da sky. WHO RU ALLAH AKBAR??? Heard ur an almighty??? Ha. And Who r tis two guys praising ur name when they finishin sm1's life? Were they two your hired servants? Were they two sacrifin a common man's blood jst 4 ur thirsty? Who given them rites to decide sm1's life???? Cud u laff and bless them? Then well. . Do it 4eva.
I strongly beliv tht da terrorists r da most afraid souls o tis world. Gettin sm unknown person unarmed, and plays torture games. . Coz they well knew tht prey cant react them bk atm. . Well set up. Done Every precautions. Lockin his hands and tht prey got no weapons. And all tis terrorists covers their face wth black clothe when they has to come in front of cameras. Why? They scared til their bone chills. Cringing lke may sm1 catch us by watchin tis video. . Funniest circus baffoons. . . Givin warnin to da world frm a well safe hided cave. . And every hunt wil be done after a prayer to ALLAH AKBAR. They cant wthstand face to face. . U got prbm wth a politician or a govt? Or wth W.BUSH ??? Go and attack him in his white house. . U wont. Ur afraid of it u da brave terrorist. . So u wanna šħøŵ tis world out tht hw much cruel and stoney ħĕąřŧ u got by doin tis shamefull butcher work??? Huh. And da world tired of hearin da reason 4 terrorism, reasons 4 their nice tasks. . Blasts, massacres, threatenings, floodings, assassinations and these all against to da same human animals which they belongs too?. Who dont hav reason 4 their deeds? Rapist has sexual reason. Thieves has reasons r hungry and luxory. (Actually it was da result of lazy to work). . Murderers has reason of revenge. . So stop it all reasonings.
Relaxably. . .I tel u tis da gr8 allah akbar, "Muslims r ma blooded bro's and sistas. Nevr got doubt on it. . I hav alot o them. We all n a family. . Every continent, every nation, every region, every city, town, street, and every home does hav a own terrorism inside. . Bt im tokin abt wat i had to realize, face around in ma world. . Yeh ALL MUSLIMS R NT TERRORISTS MA GR8 LORD ALLAH BT WHY DO U SHOWIN US LKE ALL TERRORISTS R MUSLIMS??? I knw im totally wrong. Bt every incidents bein hpnd by da name of u! Lke Jst 4 u! Do u hate human? Nah. Ur da creator. We r ur child. Ur da care giver. Bt i hate ur silence. UR GREAT POWER, UR GR8 NAME, UR GR8 PRECIOUS PURITY BEIN RUINED, BY UR OWN FOLLOWERS. . Its da time u to make them stop tis. . Its da pity ting thinkin and believin tht da human millitory stuff, weapons, mutual announces, wil work out when they really too far frm humanity. They r nt listenin us (human) ma lord allah. They tokin only to u directly. . . And tings going lke ur encouragin them day by day. . Da holy pen is in ur hand now. . Jst write sm peacefull fate on those cursed terrorists skull and giv them bk to us as human. . . In real, heartly ma head nevr bow down for any 1 of lords . Let them be krishna, siva, jesus, buddha, and their wives and u too. Bt ma parents [infact they r ma known ģøđ]compel me smtimes thou I do laff at yall when i bow down ma head. So hear me. . Wake up. . I beg u to do tis. . Terrorism against da same family jst coz of a grouped motto, wth da help of their almighty, is jst lack of real terrorism . . Let every religionic ģøđ do their rite work to their ppl, their followers, their worshippers at rite time. No more terrorism. If u do so, kindly ma head wil down under ur shadow. . In real, ma ħĕąřŧ filled wth full of u, 4 da 1st time. I wash ur foot wth ma tears. . I truely łūv u! Else??? jst i lit a ciggy and walks ahead in ma lonely hard way to ma hell wth full of pins and thorns . . I blow a circled smoke on ur face and šħøŵ up tis blog pics. . I ŁŪV ME.
Open talk:
I knw tis wil nevr hpn. Beta i łūv ma whole single family wth givin nt a fųķ to religions. I łūv all. So wat abt terrorists??? Let them do wat they can and wat they got. We human too got massive power and guts thn those scared souls to kick their ass at time. Jst i hate they are using our gr8 devotions. .and our almighty lovely ģøđs names. . Dont beliv lke those terrorists are human muslims. They r pretending. They are nt yet categorized n tis society.^¥^
Y0u tried hard t0o mak undrstd or draw d line btwn humans nd cruelty bro. . .hatz off atleast y0o tried t0o mak effords 2 make undrstand t0o deaf ears what we call allmighty. . .br0 when time cms deaf wud hear nd blind wud see d fact of tis culprits. . .
09.02.2011 16:31 EST,
the only thing i can say after reading ur blog is That I Agree
30.07.2010 05:16 EDT,

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