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ibanez rg custom wallpaper

^¥^My ℓμﻛ†y ∂uﻛイy ∂αmﻛęℓ™^¥^

01.11.2011 04:42 EDT
Outside the world dusky fall, the silver moon painted pearl; stark naked,
The clouds above move alive, aright fencing the naked moon,
Above All of them; those blooming stars in the sky glazing around moon makes her furry,
Underneath; my perfect naked moon, my girl of girl, my love of love
My mighty lusty dusty damsel;
Staring me stoned, the ground below my base clutch me up,
Her dancing bosoms dilutes my destiny; her euphoria looks elutes my eternity,
Her lubricious moves around me fakes my fate, oh my comet lady comes real,
My mighty lusty dusty damsel;
You say there is no chemistry between us, never a physical phenomenon,
But I made you clear; I aint a chemical, I've got no canonical,
I am a classic cannibal who plays on his own sins. Now you gentlewoman,
An ambassadress of eden, My mighty lusty dusty damsel,
The time has come to discover your Adam back to garden.
I confess all my confusions, I am ready to be conquered by you my Eve.
You found all of indications of my rights, all of vindications of my wrongs,
You enlist all my gist of isms. So get it over with me.
Lead me to my tomb, blow those sintering ash bubbles off my blood.
I put my hand on your crowned head, I pluck your luscious lips on mine,
Peck you, beg you to get sentenced by myself!!!
I rose for you and I’ll fall for you. Here I go your Adam,
“^¥^ Because I have listened to the voice of my own,
And have eaten the forbidden fruit of your love, which you commended me,
I shall not eat of it, now I shall eat of it all my afterlife days.
Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth to me. In the sweat of my face I shall eat it
Till I return to the ground. For out of it I was taken, I am a dust
And to the dust I shall return ^¥^”
All my tears shall carry my dusts to suspend in your lusty dust my damsel.

R these your words!!
24.11.2011 18:09 EST,
Beautifuly written
10.11.2011 13:19 EST,
Beautiful whistles hun
09.11.2011 18:09 EST,
A very touching story...full of passion & love! But a very sad ending! U wrote it well Bratty. Congratulations for a job well done!
09.11.2011 14:46 EST,
WoMAN, woMEN, MRs, feMALE, sHE, mADAM. . . Tha root of all evil is laid clear for all to see. Ha
Oyee .... got a goospump .... i felt sum1 is broken hearted ... but true lover neva wish to die coz he/she will loose ..... true lover alwayz stay alive + keeps love alive in heart ..... but reading u r article my eyez were wet .... BRATTY ----<--«(@)
09.11.2011 12:36 EST,
Lol. . U were bk inda gardn. . Why such a sad endinG ? ?!. . U cudve waitd for ur damshelL. . N u cudve made her ur own. . DevOid of lust. . DevOid of sin. . U cudve soakd urself wid da elixir of lOve n beCum innOcent again. . Why dO u wana b draGgd again to da tOmb. . . ? Lol. . Dats sum great wOrds bratty. . Written in a negETIve way! . . Hatsoff !
09.11.2011 12:20 EST,

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