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cumm3rs.d3light's mobile blog

Im NOT here 4 ur cheap thrills U are here 4 mine..Dont Forget It...u will not b told twice..

I only speak n understand NOT here 4 luv...just 4 fun... I want to knw ur feelings about difrnt sexual things please comment..dnt b shy
keep within reason tho but tell me what pix i should post next I'm tired of the same old like i said within reason what would you like ... Read more
whats ur favorite position? mine doggy but i like it all.but right now im stuck n a brace becuz of my knee and have had to work in different positi... Read more
hi ppl i knw i haven't posted a new blog in a bit so here it is the title is appropriate. Im not done yet...weve fucked ur laying besides me draine... Read more
hi ppl i knw i haven't posted a new blog in a bit so here it is the title is appropriate. Im not done yet...weve fucked ur laying besides me draine... Read more
say u wanted to see me get gang would u set it up to happen, whod u have in it, tell me what turns u on the most about u watchn me get it
just because im on this site being naughty showing ppl all my goodies expressing my sexuality doesnt mean im easy or slutty or any other fucked up ... Read more
ive recently discovered that i want a master to dom unruly and need discipline and since i enjoy rough sex and bondage i figure some one to ... Read more
lets say your hiding in my bathroom, closet, roof,outside my window hell hiding anywhere watching me....what do wish to seek me doing???
ok most guys lie n say they dont like theyr ass played with but for those of u who like it openly tell me what do u like done and y..whats the feel... Read more
ok so i knw most guys lie whn they say they dont like theyr ass played tell me for those of u who like it proudly ...what do like done and h... Read more
thinkn bout starting up my own lil site but would u pay to c it live,and w video clips,and new pix?or would u loose intrest bcuz ud have to pay
whats the grossest.most fuckd up thing a guy or girls asked u to do
im thinking of taking my pg down but if u give me good enough reasons not to itl stay
Whats ur biggest turn off during or involving sex? A curious mind just wants to knw....
Whats ur faviorite thing about cumming..i like the rush of indorphins that r released that oooooh feeling that spreads over my body...tell me ur fa... Read more
What would it take to make u cheat on ur spouse,gf,lover??everybody says they wouldnt n thats good but what if...what would make u?
Iv always wanted to fuck a guy whos been locked up awhile i think theyd cum out with all kinds of built up sexual needs n wants..the rawness of har... Read more
If u n I were going to fulfill ur sexual fantasy what would it b?
whats ur sexual talent?if u could do ur one best sexual thing to please me what would it be?
U have me tied down legs spread open arms what??tell me what r u gonna do?
How easy would it b for me to get u to fuck?say we just met at a party,or store,concert where ever could I get u to fuck?
I luv feeling his hard cock slide in my it hurts at 1st feeling again like the 1st time untill hes deep inside my tight ass after hes in a... Read more
Just so u knw(s.r)its the little things u do that turn me on...freakishly so I wanna know whats the little things that turn u on?
Is it a bad thing that I fantasize about what most girls fear?id luv to be raped a violent fuck I have no control of?
I find it so hot to knw that a guy gets off thinkn bout makes me feel as whack off material hot..what does it for u?
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