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About the sites Creator/Writer

Facts about the "sithlordslim" creator.

D.O.B: 11/21/1975
Zodiac: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: The Cat
note: My faith does not include birthdates, any holiday, or other religious organization that requires a time of period off for celebration. Weddings and Funerals maybe... I have my own faith within in, when you preach to me, it better be a discussion.
Birthplace: West Palm Beach, FL.
RACE: Cherokee/Apache', Asian Indian. Bleached by blood with Caucasian, ugh mother-fucking European! Damnit!
NATIONAL: American Citizen
SEX ORIENT: Straight. Loves Women.
HEIGHT: 5' 7"
WEIGHT: 135lbs.
COCK INFO: See 'Sithlordslim's genetalia information'. Blood tests are checked on a monthly basis, I am proud to say I am STD/Hepatitis(any)/HIV free. Only clean records will be read and checked online for any cell corruption. Not gay and anal is death or a broken bone upon my person.
Blowjobs by soft tongued like jellyfish and or massages with lips while tapping tip with tongue (birthed as female full only, no metis gender types)
DON'T TAKE: Being yelled at! I can hear u raise your voice at me, just see. Pressed touched, or cornered, you touch me I have full right to touch back, does not mean I will. (I give as good, or better than I get. Trust me on this, I'm patient.)
DOES LIKE: A clean womans scent after shower. The delicate soft fingertips & strong grip of the 'Womans Touch'. A womans sounds during sex and when they beg, and stare you dead serious in the eyes saying "It'd be fun ;-) You know you want too ;-p ;-o :-p." Her exploration and attempting something new. The soft curvature of a healthy woman that can breast feed the kids, like real ones.
(follow "the brady bunch" beat as you read the lyricd in Paperclip Slim's ".midi songs.) Heres the story, of a psycho lady. Her name is Tee-ka and... Read more
picture by Sithlordslim
DOB: 81/06/11 POB: San Fran-Psycho, CA ETHNICITY: RACE: Human female c.u.n.t. that "Cant. Understand. Normal. Thinking." NATIONALITY: American Citi... Read more

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