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Become a monk??

26.10.2015 16:53 EDT
Okay,so over the weekend we have learnt according to the world health organization,that processed meats like sausages and bacon and beef are a cause of cancer!.If you smoke,you get cancer.Too much alcohol and your either a social pariah or you risk damaging your liver and kidneys.So I ask myself,what is left to enjoy in life?,I can't even become religious (no offence),because I would be accused of being a kiddy fiddler.I'm being taxed to the hilt to support immigrants,and to pay for roads that aren't maintained.WTF?.I'd love to know what is left.I hopefully have another 30,or 40 years left on this planet.What am I supposed to do with it??
Eat drink and be Merry for tomorrow one dies
27.10.2015 11:18 EDT,
Eat what you like Drink in moderation Load of tosh if you ask me Micky Bacon sausage n egg nev did me any harm Plus what about kids that have been BORN with cancer etc Swings n Roundabouts lol ! Life whats you make it Good blog Well said
27.10.2015 01:01 EDT,
Tee hee hee Mr Fiddler; live like there's no 2mrw: coz ts all jst dust in d wind ;)
26.10.2015 19:24 EDT,
Pal, things are rough all over.., first off, eat the bacon. Secondly, come to America if you can. We aren't socialist yet, so your taxes are less right off the top!
26.10.2015 17:00 EDT,

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