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thursday night dogging

02.08.2013 12:42 EDT
found a new site it was fkn amazing i sat on a bench in just a bra thong and boots playing with my pussy within 5 mins there were 2 guys next to me wanking and playing with my tits i stood up bent over the bench they ripped my thong off one stood in front and slammed his cock in my mouth while the other fucked my pussy hard and deep he shot his spunk all over my arse then the other guy took over 3 more stood round me i wanked 1 off while the others wanked over my face mmmm it was fucking hot and dirty im going back 2nite for more i want fucking like the dirty slut i love being xxx
o fuk yeah.....
01.05.2015 21:12 EDT,
hope i too b ur chosen 1
19.12.2013 04:23 EST,
P7.....record on my phone,&u see the other guys gettin there cocks out as the first grips u by the hair saying 'Open yer slut mouth Bitch!!! There's a glimmer of a smile on yr cum dewed lips...mmmm. The rest is a fatasy for another day,think i got carried away gettin started,lol.x
23.08.2013 11:15 EDT,
P6....tells u they're not happy to see of them start to speak as he walks toward u,undoing his flys. 'So,u think we've all got tiny little prick's and that they wud'nt touch the sides even if a bunch of faggot's like us cud get em up for a real woman?!! You're mate told us what u said u fuckin slut!! And he agreed u need teaching a lesson!! Lets see if u feel the sides after the lot of us hav fucked u roar,ya whore!!!' I see the shocked,scared look in yr eyes,knowin u never said a thing...but alos sumthing else...excitment and as u watch me press record on my phone.....
23.08.2013 11:09 EDT, i fuck yr face hard!! Pullin out, Slappin u hard in the face with it,tellin u what a dirty little cock whore u are,makin u to beg fror it b4 rammin it back down yr thoat&fuckin u hard again. I pull out just as we hear the sound of voices.5or6 guys enter the clearing and are lookin on as i release my full load in yr mouth&all over yr face! I slap my drippin we cock in yr face then wipe it off with yr hair. I step away,tellin the new cummer 'She's all yours boys!!' As they step forward u recognise them from being in the pub,but sumthing about they way they're lookin at u tells u....
23.08.2013 08:39 EDT,
P4....when i return i tell u to follow me and i take u to a park near by.theres a little wooded area and u follow me in.i push u down on yr knees and tell u i've got u a treat planned but first i wanna fuck that pretty slut face of yours.i pull my long,limp cock out tell u to suck yr bitch arse of it,u feel me pulsing&swelling,growing&stiffening as us suck my meat hard,soon i'm thrustin my thick,solid cock in&out of yr willin mouth,grippin yr hair,my balls slappin y chin as i ram it down yr throat.makin u gag&choke on my dick,spit&cock juice drippin&dribblin from yr lips&chin as i fuck yr fac...
23.08.2013 08:25 EDT,
P3...leavin it to dribble out of yr stretched,fucked hole as i slipe my cock away&head for the bar. When i return u can feel my cum seepin out yr hole,dribblin between yr asre cheeks,down to your cunt. I find u a seat&tell u to sit& leave yr legs open. Now anyone who cares to look can see yr cum soaked pussy on display.u see me walking round actualy pointing u out to a few lickly guys and gettin them to check u out....
23.08.2013 05:39 EDT,
P2....i'd slip my big hard cock out&let it rub between yr arse cheeks,just hiden by yr shirt.thentell u this may hurt a bit but a filthy little cock slut like u will luv thrust my cock in yr tight arsehole,rammin it in dry,forcin it in all the way.a few heads will turn as u giv a shocked painful cry but by the time they've turned most will just see a young slut in a short skirt leaning up agaist her old fella. I'l slowly fuck you like that till i'm ready to cum,more juices runnin down yr thighs,mine&yours. I'll pull almost out of u as i spunk my hot taste load,leavin it ti dribble ....
23.08.2013 05:31 EDT,
I'd luv to get u to meet me in a pub wearin stockings,heeled thigh length boots &a short shirt with no nix.i'd buy u a drink then place u against the wall,standing in front of u,not quite blocking everyone from seein me slip my finger up yr skirt&finger u as i casualy drink&tell u wat a little slut u are.i make u cum over my fingers then stir yr drink with them&watch u down it. Then send u to the bar for another with yr juices dribblin down yr thighs. I'd stand against the wall tellin u to lean against me,slowly rubbin yr arse against my crotchfeelin me grow hard against you....
23.08.2013 05:20 EDT,
can i bang u, i wanna fuck u up
22.08.2013 13:44 EDT,

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