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busy weekend im a bad girl

04.08.2013 20:10 EDT
i met up with 4 guys i got numbers off at a pub near the meadows i wore a very short skirt and a cropped t-shirt knee high sox and heels no underwear... whats the point it wouldnt be on long. we sat at a table outside and had a few drinks while they fingered me 2 at a time under the table when i went to the loo the youngest one (about 45) followed me pushed me in the stall onto my knees and rammed his hard dick into my mouth and said suck it u little whore i sucked it eagerly i wanted to taste his cum my pussy was soaking by the time he had cum in my mouth and on my chin he told me to leave it on my chin and go back to the others. i sat back down the others just smiled and said lets go slag ur getting fucked silly 2nite we got some friends waiting in wythenshawe park. we drove the 15 mins to the park whiile they played with my pussy and tits when we got there one of them made a call 3 more guys waiting by the running track when i got out of the car i took my skirt and top off and bent over the bonnet spread my legs and begged for strangers cock in my arse and pussy i felt a hard cock rub against my arse i moaned then screamed as he banged his cock in ad hard and deep as he could pulled my head back and staryted pounding my arse while 2 or 3 others slapped and pinched my tits and nipples and spanking my arse so hard one of them was videoing it asking did i like being a dirty slag and fuckinhg strange cock i said yes. the oldest one said gag and blindfold her we taking her to my house i was pushed into a car naked and blindfoldfed while someone was driving i was lay across 3 men in the back seat and had my arse and cunt played with and my tits battered i cum about 5 times i was a bit scared but so fkn horny. i was taken out of car and was walked to a door when it opened i heard womans voice say mmmm good choice peter shes a hot lil slag and she kissed me the other car arrived i heard them getting out i was dragged upstairs and thrown onto a bed i listened for any clues ass to wot was going to happen then i pushed backwards onto the bed and my legs lifted up and held there while 2 of them fucked me hard and another sat over my face and fucked my mouth the woman was torturing my tits telling me that 7 cocks were gonna fuck me when she said that it made me cum they turned me over onto my knees and fucked me in turn doggy style at one stage i had 2 in my cunt and 1 in my arse and 2 in my mouth i was covered in spunk i was crying but loving it the woman put on a huge strap on took my blindfold off and told me that i was gonna get my pussy and arse ripped apart i begged for mercy but she bit my tit and laughed and pounded my pussy with the huge strap on til i squirted everywhere then she bent me over the window sill so people might see me and fucked my arse hard and fast while a few of them wanked over me. when they were done i was blindfolded again and put in the car naked and driven back to pub they took me out of car one of them pushed me to my knees fucked me again in the pub car park threw my clothes at mer saidf thanks slut and drove off i took off blindfold had a look no one was about so i got dressed and walked home covered in spunjk and it running down my legs when i got home i stripped off and fucked myself before a shower may leave it a day or 2 til i fuck again xx
What an amazing bitch you are! I wish you were near me so me and my friends could use you like the slut you are!
27.04.2014 22:40 EDT,
oww ive just cumed while playing with my cock imaging im there xx
23.02.2014 21:00 EST,
OMG my cunt is dripping i would love to sit on your face while your fucked in both holes :-)
08.11.2013 16:44 EST,
Wish me&my fuck bud Cream had been there when u got left in hat car park!! You wud'nt hav needed a shower to clean up yr cum soaked body,and u definatlywud'nt be getting a repreave from gettin yr drippin holes fucked sum more!! We'd hav seen u naked&cum soaken and told u what a horny little slut u are,then bundled u into the back of her 'Passion Wagon', her 8 seater mini bus,ideal for senic fucking. Cream wud spread herself&i'd hav bent u over& buried yr head between her thighs,makin u lick her out till she's squrtin in yr mouth&over yr face as spank u&i lick out yr well fucked cum soaked hol...
18.08.2013 05:29 EDT,
wow what a slut you are
08.08.2013 21:38 EDT,

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