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a busy weekend lol

11.08.2013 23:47 EDT
on friday nite i dressed in a leather basque and leather miniskirt no panties and knee hi 5inch boots and decided to walk to the meadows where there is a dogging site (its only 10 min walk) i enjoyed all the attention i got from passing cars and people on the street sum women called me a slag but i didnt care when i got there it was quite busy i just found a bench and sat down and spread my legs and started playing with myself it wasnt long before a guy came over and joined in he asked my name i told him he cud call me whatever he wanted so he said my name was whore i undid my basque and let my big tits fall free another guy came over and started to suck on my nipples and also playing with my pussy one of the pulled me off the bench and told me get on my knees and start sucking cock cos thats wot i was there for he shoved his cock in my mouth i started to suck hard he pulled out and the other guy rammed his cock in smearing my bright red lipstick all over my face he got hold of my hair and pushed my head til i was gagging on his cock the other guy pulled me to my feet and bent me over the bench and said its time to fuck your pussy u lil whore and shoved his cock deep inside my wet cunt and started fkn me hard and deep he pulled out after 5 or 6 strokes and the other guy started they took in turns to fuck my pussy and arse til i screamed when i screramed one of them pulled and shot his cum all over my arse while the other one carried on fuycking my arse he was moaning saying u lil slag u like it dont u he reached round and started pinching and slapping my tits really hard when i asked him to do it harder he just laughed pulled out turned me round shoved his cock in my mouth and shot his load deep in my throat mmm i luv eating spunk when he pulled out and walked away i realised some old guy with his cock hanging out had been filming me it took me a second to realise it was my landlord he put his phone away and said now its my turn to fck that tight arse u dirty slag ive been wanting to fuck u for months now bend over bitch so i did and he shoved his 7inch cock right up my arse and fucked me hard and rough for about 10 mins while he was saying he was gonna tell all the men that live in y block what a dirty lil slut iam and will show them the video it really turned me on so much that it made me cum so hard i cried he pulled his cock out turned me round and shot his spunk all over my tits and face he just put his cock away and walked away i put my basque back on and walked home when i got there he was sat outside in his car he rolled the window down and said get in slut im not finished i got in his range rover he told me strip naked so i did he took my clothes off me laughed and told me to walk to the door naked while he watched i was scared its a 30 metre path to the flat doors when i said no he got out came round to the passenger side opened the door pulled me out and said walk bitch when u get to the door stop and get on ur knees i virtually ran up the path he follwed when i got on my knees he pulled his cock out and rammed it inb my mouth so i started to suck hard i was worried my neighbours wud see but he came quite quick all over my face he then threw my clothes at me and walkee away
Great fuckn tale! Wish there was a bitch like u in my area 2 use!
25.08.2013 01:30 EDT,

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