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02.04.2010 03:44 EDT
Every year my best friend Leah and l rent a bach on the coast over Xmas and last year we decidd to invite a couple of our Uni mates to join us. Dani dd liguistics wiv me She ws tall n tannd with a nice set of breasts & l had oftn cort myslf starn at dem in class ... Sunny took politics n was a little up tight l was rapt that Dani was cumn to break the monotony n if the truth wer knwn l secretly hoped to get a peek at her lovely melons
The road trip was a blast n by the time we arrived at the bach we were ready to party...with the music turnd up loud n da table set with nibbles n booze we were in the mood to rock the beach..clad in sarongs n bkini tops we drank giggling n swappn secrets in the warm night air...
I was stunned Sunny suggested a game of strip poker but willingly went off to find a deck of cards. The giggling outside got louder and when I returned Sunny had already started to strip
Her nipples were dark and eyes took her all in and before I realised it I was touching them, fondling them gently...rubbing them between my fingers...her groans let me know she was enjoying it as much as I was. I let my tung brush over them, sucking and licking them, her groans soft and her breathing rapid... she whispered 'harder' so I sucked and nibbled a little harder... when I looked over at my best friend and Dani they were mesmorised... "take her sarong off" they encouraged I undid the knot and let it fall to the ground revealing a beautifully shaven pussy. Still licking her nipples, I slid my hand between her legs parting them a little so that we could all get a good look at her sexy snatch. She didn't seem to mind an audience, infact I think it made her hornier to know that we were being watched. My fingers found her stiff little clit and began playing with it, teasing the tip and sliding back to her cunt..she pushed her hips towards me but i wasn't ready to enter her..."wait" I said as I continued to play and tease... By this time the other girls had started their own little party on the couch...Dani's hand was working at Leahs all the years I'd known Leah I had never seen her cunt. Now, in the candlelight I could seem it glimmering with her juice and the sound of her excitement turned me on. I led Sunny to the couch next to Leah and sat down between her legs, spreading them I let my tung sweep over her clit,then down her pussy lips in to her drenched and out lapping at her, sucking her thick pussy lips as she bucked and groaned beging me to put my fingers inside her. At first I would only let her have the tips of them... slipping them just inside and no more, making her buck harder, searching for them, then a little further and a little further until my fingers were caught in her tight litlle hole. I moved them in and out slowly feeling the walls of her cunt tightening, then I added another and another until finally her pussy had four of my fingers working it...her juices flowed and I leaned in to lick them up. Sucking on her clit as I moved my fingers in circular motions and playing with her nipple had her writhing in ecstacy but the sight and sound of Leah getting eaten out was making my pussy pulsate... I turned Sunny over so that I could see her nicely shapped ass...parted her cheeks and began teasing her ass hole with my wet fingers. She leaned back and spread them more beggin me to lick her. My tung found her hole and licked greedily working her clit with my other hand, my eyes fixed firmly on Leahs sweet cunt Dani had stretched Leahs pussy wide open and was massaging it with her huge nipples squeezing them into Leahs hole and rubbing them up between her lips and down again...I grabbed her nipple and started pulling at it, tugging it as she lay there legs spread wide and as I fingered Sunny...I reahced for a beer bottle and pressed it against Sunny's ass and she moved back to take and shuddered as it entered It slipped in with ease and as I moved it in and out she played with herself, fingering her hole and begging to watch Leah getting fucked. Leah obediently turned to face her, opened her legs wide and motioned for me to eat her out. Happily I sucked on her swollen pussy pulling on her hot lips and licking at her burning clit. "I want your fist in me" she sighed and with out hesitation I had that pussy stretched up to my wrist. Leah looked absolutely slutty as she grinded herself into me, her eyes rolled in to the back of her head as I told her how beautiful her cunt looked and she licked her lips hungrily... in a matter of seconds she squirted her warm juice all over me covering my hand in cum "I want you up my ass" she whispered and I complied Sitting her on my knee as I screwed her up the ass with the long slender fingers. She bounced up and down on them, giving me everything she had... Sunny's orgasm washed over her again and again, the smell of her sex pungent Dani had undressed and was now straddling Sunny's face having her slit teased and licked. Watching Sunny being eaten out by a very horny Dani, having every hole probed licked sucked and fucked again was truly a beautiful sight. When Leah slid her fingers in to my cunt I squirted immediately but she wouldn't stop. 1 became 2 2 became 4 and soon I was the centre of attention. Sunny licked one nipple and Dani licked the other both holding my legs open as Sunny pounded my pussy "I'm gonna fuck your ass" she said and reached for another bottle. She worked the head of it into my tight spot pausing every now and then to suck my clit. Still spilling with cum my ass hungrily took it the idea of having these 3 women fucking me was mind blowing! Dani stood over me and rubbed her clit in my face pulling her lips back and suspending it just out of reach of my tung... she played with it fingering her cunt and working herself to explode again. I could see her lips swelling smell the sex, taste her cum as she drenched my face with her fuck juice I came hard rocking my ass on the bottle and the fingers that were inside me...when we had all calmed down we sat there stunned, legs spread still playing with our own pussys smiling like the cat who got the cream..."whose deal is it anyway"? asked Dani...
cudnt resist cumin to ur stories again.. Luv em xxx
27.06.2010 18:52 EDT,
Dam! If I was there you could've had the real thing..all 3 of you.
08.04.2010 22:20 EDT,
merry fuckin xmas babe u should see how hard my cock is after reading that fuck i wish i was that bottle
07.04.2010 19:12 EDT,

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