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09.04.2010 02:23 EDT
Over the holidays we enjoyd lotsa sexy fuck games n had spnt a fw nites bed hoppin Whn da landlord phnd to mk a tym 2nspct we hd to gt our heads outv our crutches n gt da plc tidied up Hlf n hour b4 Shane ws due to arrive Leah dcidd to gt herslf off
in frnt of da full lngth mirror in da hallway..her lusty moans wer to much to ignore n we found her fingern herslf into a gawjus state of fuck Sunny lickd her lipz n wnt for Leahs clit tzn n pulln at it until Leah was buckn n squealn wiv filth
'oh yeah ah ah ah' she gaspd as Sunny suckd n lickd her swollen cunt Dani was already playn wiv her hard nipples twistn n pulln her cum fuk me eyes filld wiv da site of Leahs sweet pussy... 'c'mon it to the bedroom' l said bt they wer lost
in ech other 'cmon Emjay hv fun wiv us' they chortld bt Shane ws due any minit n l ddnt wana strt sumfin l cudnt fnsh l closed da hallway door n w8d for da landlord hopin da girls wud hv fnshd by dn
Shane arrivd on tym his ruggd gud looks n old school charm ws adorabl l met him at da bk door hopin he wsnt in a hurry hopin more dat da girls wud b dcnt by da tym we gt to dat prt of da house..he askd 4a glass of water n we made sml
sports..beach..the muffld soundz of pleasure sneakn n2 our convrsatn gt his attntn tho he was polite enuf to try to ignore it l ws feeln quite anxious until he said 'bet ud rather b in thea dn owt hea wiv me..we cn do dis anutha day' apologizn l agreed
I passd him da chk 4da rent n was shockd wen da heavy wif of my sex hung btwn us..wiv a sparkl in his eye he reachd undr my sarong to my naked wet pussy..l sighd as he began to fingr me findn my clit he began teasn it letn his fingr slip in n out b4 rubn
my clit knees wer shakn wiv da dsire to open 4him..'lets get comfy' he said n we headd 4da lounge He undrssd me 1st n suckd my nipplz b4 tkn his clothes off l was tryn nt2 mk2 muj noise knwn da girls wer on da otha side of da door Shane ran his
hands ova my ass n suckd on my nipples while his fingrz kneadd at my drippn cunt 'mmm l wana taste dat pussy' he whisprd n 2nds his tung was lappin hungrily at me, my moans getn louda wiv ech stroke.. Leanin bk l could feel his lick intensify
He mvd around so his cock was hangn dliciously in my face we lickd fingrd n suckd ech othr enjoyn da lust n heat 'l wana fuck u Em..' an in a heartbeat his thick hard cock was in me his balls slapn my ass as he rode me hard At one point he stopt n wiv
his cock buryd hard in me slowly mvd in sml circles liftn my hipz up2 him n then thrust in2 me again n again I wntd to tk his cock n suk it bt he wudnt let me..'relax Em l jst wana pleasure u' The sound of my friends wer peakn nw n wiv evry groan Shane's
cock seemd 2gt thicka n hardr He lickd his thum n bgan rubn my clit immediatly my pussy began spasmng he smiled n kpt goin my groans getn louda n louda He turnd me ova n sat me on his prick playn wiv my nipplz.. He liftd my legs n drv himslf deep I Imagnd
hw sexy we mustv lookd fuckn wivout any inhibitions..his fingrz probed my ass stretchn it wrkn it as he tld me hw he was guna fuck me nxt..giddy wiv lust l felt his cock rubn gntly at my ass n dn as he easd it in his fingrz rubd my dripn cunt
He grabd my hips n slammd in2 me pleasure n pain swept ova me carried me away as l buckd n rode him his pulsatn cock spilld all over me.. 'nw u can suck me off' he said gently Wivowt hesitation his cock ws in my mouth His cum saks wer salty wiv
our juices l lappd hungrily n it wsnt lng b4 he bgan to hardn again..his breathn rapid n sharp as l gobbld him up lickd his shaft tzd his cock head.. The feeln of tung n fingrz distrctd me n wen l lookd up my 3 friends wer w8n hungrily 4their turn
'u hv2 share Emjay' Dani said as she joind me in suckn Shanes very engorgd prick..'u dnt mind do u Mr Landlord' she said in her slutiest voice Sunny n Leah giggled as they continud 2play wiv ech other Shane suddnly found an abundance of willing pussy
Dani plcd her cunt firmly on Shanes mouth grindn into him her beautiful ass shakin wiv dsire while Leah n Sunny took turns at suckn his cock Leah was nxt to hv her cunt satisfyd by Shanes hot tung In a frenzy she squirtd her fuck juice all ova us
Sunny spread her cunt lipz n rubd herslf wiv his cock He groand begn 4cunt nw desprate to hv it buryd in a nice tite hole.. She obliged n slipt him up her ass gruntn n grindn until she came was totally hot to wtch!
He smiled n reachd 4me...'l hv wntd 2fuk u 4so lng Em.. 'n kissd me.. Feeln hungry l gt up 2mk lunch..Shane stayd n l8r we njoyd sum more 1:1 bt dats anuda story!
the stories r gr8!!! if i keep reading them, i'm going to end up jacking off and thinking of you while i cum all over the place!!!! then again that probably wouldnt be such a bad thing!!!
16.11.2010 12:44 EST,
Wow. Love to be your landlord xx
25.10.2010 23:01 EDT,
That was hot, wishing I was him n there 4 that
27.04.2010 14:26 EDT,

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