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A little Girl and her Mother

26.12.2009 15:30 EST
A little girl and her motherwere out and about.Out of the blue, the girlasked her mother, "Mommy,How old are you?"The mother responded,"Honey, women don't talkabout their age. You'll learnthis as you get older."The girl then asked,"Mommy, how much do youweigh?"Her mother responded again,"That's another thing womendon't talk about. You'll learnthis, too, as you grow up."The girl, still wanting to knowabout her mother, then firedoff another question,"Mommy, why did you andDaddy get a divorce?"The mother, a little annoyedby the questions,responded, "Honey, that is asubject that hurts me verymuch, and I don't want to talkabout it now."The little girl, frustrated,sulked until she was droppedoff at a friend's house toplay. She consulted with hergirlfriend about her and hermother's conversation.The girlfriend said, "All youhave to do is sneak a lookat your mother's driver'slicense. It's just a like areport card from school. Ittells you everything."Later, the little girl and hermother were out and aboutagain.The little girl started off with,"Mommy, Mommy, I know howold you are. I know how oldyou are. You're 32 yearsold."The mother was veryshocked. She asked,"Sweetheart, how do youknow that?"The little girl shrugged andsaid, "I just know. And I knowhow much you weigh. Youweigh 130 pounds.""Where did you learn that?"The little girl said, "I justknow. And I know why youand Daddy got a divorce.You got an 'F' in sex."

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