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lake natron - Newest pictures Wallpaper pics Wallpaper

Lake Natron - Tanzania

04.02.2014 00:56 EST

Earth is a miraculous place and some places many strange and unique Called strange because it occurs naturally without any human intervention With the advent of technology Places that are remote and hidden have found their way to perform in the eyes of the world, and this is one of them :

Lake Natron is located in Tanzania, East Africa and well known for harboring a deadly secret mysteries, this place is an important habitat for Lesser Flamingoes that endangered where they feed on spirulina and protected from predators. A species of animals that can survive under the surface of lake is Alcolapia alcalica, a type of the tilapia fish that can survive in water that is less salty, also a number of cyanobacteria. But the shallow alkaline it's a graveyard for thousands of birds and small animals even the flaminggo aren't careful will die.. like the hell.

In East Africa, Lake Natron is one of two alkaline lakes, the other is Lake Bahi but Lake Natron has a pH up to 10.5, almost as alkaline like ammonia so caustic that it can burn skin and eyes of animals that aren't adapt, coupled with the water temperature can reach 60 degrees celsius even more. For animals that aren't fortunate, they fell and victim like a stone as if dipped in batter cement. Salts contained in lake natron Unlike salt that harvested from the sea but lime magmatic which was forged in the earth and out through the lava flow, sprayed through volcanic ash from Ol Doinyo Lengai. If another volcano usually spewed silicate but Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only one in this planet that spout "natrocarbonatite" rich of rare sodium and potassium carbonate minerals, gregoryite and nyerereite, much saltier than silicate-rich lava.

Lake Natron its name taken from natron (sodium carbonate minerals decahydrate ) commonly used for drying organs during the mummification process like of ancient Egypt era. In Lake Natron, all the animals that submerged in the lake water will turn like stone.

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