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02.07.2014 02:23 EDT
It was in winters when I had my 12th pre board practical my cousin brother was getting married and I was all too excited to meet him and attend his wedding but I had my paper on the day of wedding and the place was out of chennai so my family had gone to the wedding and left me alone in the house.

Since I wanted to attend my brother’s wedding so it was decided that I will leave for the wedding place in car with my driver. Obviously not great idea but that was the best available one. Well on the day of examination I was all too excited, so I finished of my experiment in hurry and I was done with my practical in 1 hour thanks to the classmate who helped me n I showed up his readings.

I quickly rushed to the car where my driver was waiting for me. He had brought my dress and makeup kit and other stuff I had packed in the car and to reach on time I had to leave directly from the school. I had also finished my practical 2 hours early so was excited that I will reach the wedding in time. I was in school dress and I was sweating due the suffocating chemistry lab.

I loosened my skirt a bit and opened few buttons of my shirt I was so sweaty so I decided to wipe myself so I asked the driver for the tissue box kept ahead and started wiping my body.

While I was wiping my breast, the tissue had become soft and it broke and got spread on my breast I paid no attention to it initially and ignored it but later I started to irritate and I had to wipe it of properly so I asked the driver to stop by a lonely place on highway, he agreed and said there is still ½ hour more before we reach the highway I said ok and then I continued to comfort myself.

It was very irritating so I loosen couple of more buttons now I had only lower 2 buttons of my shirt on and I started scratching my breast at place where it was irritating. Being an Indian girl I had ensure not to show driver my bust so I managed to do so by my partially opened shirt. While all this discomfort and irritation, out of my knowledge my skirt had risen up to a level that my panties where almost visible

I ignored it and I didn’t even think that the driver was looking at me cause I generally go to parties and dress in car or at mid way places. That’s why I had my car’s window filmed so no one can see from outside. Then the driver told me that we are on highway and he found a lonely place for me to change my clothes as I had to reach directly to my brother’s wedding. So asked the driver to walk out of the car and then I locked the car from inside.

I began to dress myself I was supposed to wear kurti so I had it on. And then I asked him to step in the car. And we started on our way and now I wanted to go to pee badly so I asked my driver to stop the car as I had to pee he told me that we are near a village and people might see us so he will stop the car after crossing the village at a safe distance. I agreed and it took 15 min for us to get out.

It was really very tough for me to hold it so long and if he wouldn’t hav stopped I would have pissed in the car in fact my panties got little wet too as I leaked.

And then I ran in outrage and began to piss near a tree in the jungle I wasn’t far enough from the car but in a place of total loneliness. No one would even hear a scream I would. Since I did not want to spoil my kurti so I removed them and kept them on the tree nearby so now I was in the inner vest of kurti and panties pissing.

Because of such enormous pressure I didn’t get time to take my panties off so pissed in them and they became wet in my piss. I didn’t realized my driver was nearby as all I thought was to pee and now I had piss in my panties I removed them and I also removed my inner vest of kurti as some bits of tissue were still irritating me while I was wiping my breast.

I heard foot movements towards me I suddenly turn back and see that my driver was coming near me I was in front of him only in my bra which was partially wet as I was cleaning my breast with wet cloth. He came to me and pulled me very hard from my bra towards him and due to this my bra hook broke.

Now I was naked in front of him. I told him that I will tell my dad about it and then he will be behind the bars forever and he said that well I know you can’t do this as it will lead to your own reputation getting degraded and he also mentioned that there is no point running away from him as I (me) am naked and I can’t go on road and there is no one to hear me in this jungle.

He also clicked a photo of me naked all of a sudden and I couldn’t even react he said that he would circulate this photo to if I didn’t cooperate. He took my kurti and all my dress and packed them and put them in the car’s trunk and locked it he removed his clothes and threw out his 7” cock in front of me it was quite thick and was black coloured.

I knew I can’t escape this so I decided to handle this smartly and agreed to have sex with him and sex didn’t object me at all but it was that I was having it with driver. The driver started pressing my boobs and he started juggling them I had no option but to stand there still.

He saw that I wasn’t getting involved so he started the other way around. He started kissing me all over my body parts and started biting my nipples then he hugs me and feels my body he gave me his warmth and I started getting wet Then he gave his dick in my mouth and I started to suck it. He was pressing my boobs and I saw a flash and he was clicking my pictures I asked him to stop so he slapped me and gave his dick in my mouth.

While he picked me up and began licking my stomach and then my pussy. He started moving towards car and put me on the car’s front and he fucked me in my pussy and then he cummed on my mouth and I liked it now I was totally is his control but he wasn’t finished yet he didn’t allow me to put my clothes on and he had put his shirt on only.

This time he asked me to sit in front with him while he drives the car I was nude in car with he was sitting partially nude next to me he asked me to drink the cum that I already had on my mouth and I began licking it. It tasted awesome and then he stopped the car and asked me to move in his lap is moved and then he asked me to handle the steering while he will take care of the accelerator.

He had put his dick in my ass and I started jumping on it while he accelerating the speed of car was no more than 20km/hr that’s why we were on the left most side of the highway and he cummed in my asshole this time and then he stopped the car we got of carefully so that his dick didn’t come out of my asshole then he took cum from my ass and wiped it all over my body. Getting fucked on highway was making me hot. And we had sex again then he gave me water and poured it onto me and then cleaned and and I got dressed by the highway.

Then we headed to my brother’s marriage while on the way he kept pressing my boobs and touching my pussy. Obviously we were late but we told that we had lost the way that’s why it took us time. I wasn’t too late either and then I enjoyed the wedding and it was this driver who had to take me back at night to home while my family stayed there for few more days
hai harini how r u
01.10.2015 04:42 EDT,
hi harini i want ur busy
03.03.2015 22:31 EST,
hi how or u
19.02.2015 05:29 EST,
I fuck u dear
18.02.2015 20:49 EST,
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