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Its Me :)

29.06.2011 02:58 EDT
Well, 'miss' Greece said today that i am ego maniac with bored sites, need to grow up...etc. Thats fine for me. Its Freedom of speech. There are 3+ million users here and if one of them not like me....thats not tragedy for me. You can all write bad or good about me here (except ignored person from 'greece'. You can write in Your Not-Bored sites), i wont delete any comment!

Am I (ego maniac) ever ask anybody to vote for any of my site? Ask anybody to put any of my site on their home pages? To promote my sites? Any bad words to any of you?

I be still here if you like it or not. Oh, by the way.... My bored sites has 1.2+ million hits and no one else complain.

To the top of my bored blog

Yes she is great abuser,maker problem and selfish ..
06.12.2011 03:29 EST,
My experience visit the site Helping members,there are complaints among users who do not fit with other users.In my mind there is one reason becoz we are different from each other so that a gap.And if the antipathy that speaks all so chaotic.And I too,people who dont care about people's opinions here,dont care and no fear,bcoz here many slander as known well,which is important I am a good daughter and good sister for my family,my life is not here,keep smile :)
01.07.2011 20:56 EDT,
I liked all your site its cool ! and many people who became witness that you are good people,all it is.There is no ambition of you to the assessment vote of site and never ask people to include your site link.I even write own proof becoz I like,and each person will be different taste preferences of the site.that's the risk coz you have a great site :)) good morning ve a happy day,my dear friend :)
01.07.2011 20:16 EDT,
Be a club named egomaniac club,with proud they are as member,realy.. But for me you not ego maniac and nothing coz im ego maniac :)okey for the case above purely cool heart and her soft heart..i know both..and i respect both..and purely i got peace of you all nice person and congratulation :)leave missunderstand coz purely there is nothing,sure,trust me !
01.07.2011 05:07 EDT,
Congratulation Hon'ble Friend, Your Forever Frnd Got Blog of The Week. Thanks to Pep.Authority, Friends & All Good Users. Musayel.
29.06.2011 10:39 EDT,
Vast Popularity of Mr. ROMAN & His Site is Only the Reason of Jealousy of a few Evil Users in Pep. Mr.ROMAN is One of The Best Wellwisher of Pep., His Friends & Good Users. Thanks.
29.06.2011 07:05 EDT,
cngrts for ur site visited 1.2 milions.
29.06.2011 06:12 EDT,
lol my friend we can not please everyone and everyone does not like us.... life rule I wish you a nice day kiss. (nice photo:-))
29.06.2011 04:27 EDT,
I hope of today the problem be solve,and we can life in peace,forgive each other coz if always think our badluck day,the problem will never the end,i like your site and i belive she also ve peace for us,and i will say thanks god,and life is value
29.06.2011 03:52 EDT,

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