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best bone china coffee set

A Golden Advice From A Coffee Set !

22.09.2014 06:53 EDT
" The bear dignity of unadorned that may stand in the world all unashamed in the conscientiousness of perfection . "
Author Unknown !
Once when I was around 12 years my mother took me to a big porcelain shop as she wanted to buy a coffee set .
When she was admiring the beauty of a highly decorated set , the manager himself came to her help .
Madam , this is very beautiful and costs only 3500 rupees , this is what the manager said .
When she was looking around , he took us to the next shelf and showed another set with a few decorations .
He said this set belongs to the same brand and has the same number of cups , but the price is 5000 rupees .
As mother was wondering what to select the manager took us to the other side and pointed to a set which didn't have a single decoration and pure white in colour and said this too of the same brand with the same number of cups and costs only 6000 rupees .

In disbelief I turned towards mother and said it should be the other way about .
The manager overheard what I said and gave me a sterned look , and said , son still you are a kid you wont understand what am going to tell , but that would help you immensely in a couple of years time .
Then he gave his explanation , son , that first set is very beautiful , you know it has a lot of cracks , all are covered by those decorations , that's our C grade , that is why it costs less .

The second set is our B grade , it has less cracks and needs less decorations to cover the surface , so it's price is higher than the first .

Now son look at the last one , it's pure white , not a single decoration as it has nothing to hide , that's our A grade , carries a life time warranty , unless you drop it , that's why it costs more .

I looked at my mother , she had a mischievous smile on her face .

When I was around 15 got interested in girls , my main attraction was that beauty who used to come to meet my sister , her face was just like the full moon .

One day my sister asked me to go and hand over some books , got on to my bicycle and peddled as fast as I could , as the door bell rang she came out , but I was devastated , this time her face was just like the moon when I see through my friend's telescope .

At once I realized that shop manager's advice , and how true it is .
In my woking life , used to attend those workshops and seminars , there , used to see these beautiful coffee sets , but seldom come across an unadorned girl with a simple dress keeping her head high entering the hall unashamed , for me , she is the Perfect !
mee pic sundarai vaasanaavai
20.06.2017 10:37 EDT,
i like d story.its hard to see simplicity around these days
04.05.2017 10:06 EDT,
well compared, and narrated
08.09.2016 10:29 EDT,
well compared
08.09.2016 10:29 EDT,
par time eat
23.08.2016 10:14 EDT,
tava tea 1 bomuda
13.06.2015 21:20 EDT,
it's really impressive
27.05.2015 02:38 EDT,
i am matured person like good
23.05.2015 02:11 EDT,
yes that story tell us so many thing but we are blind to see the truth at glance
01.05.2015 00:54 EDT,
I use a similar method when want to select a used car . If the car has new tire set , better to avoid it , as can't judge the alignment problems leading to accidents . New paint would hide body corrosions . A clean engine just after a service would difficult to check engine condition . After all girls like cars more than boys .
29.12.2014 04:18 EST,

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