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30.01.2010 20:41 EST
Having actualy taken the trouble to veiw my friends list on here.i thought wow.what a popular geezer i am..then reality hit me..110friends.?bollocks.said i.who the fuck has that many people they can talk2on a regular basis.and i must have been pissed in the gutter2have some who i never have talked to.mainly due2the fact i cnt speak swahili.hindi.or punjabi..and2thnk sm people have over700.??.must b a comfort cushion2keep the real world at im deleting most.n expect2have loads of indignant messages
From all my unknown best buddies..but.dont give a shit.and neither should they.because i dnt need the comfort cushion..takes forever2delete if any best buddies want2delete me.itl save me a job..oh.n i knw the people i want as friends.n hope they knw aswell..
I'd sooner have a few good friends Than a host that never speak They wish to add you then hardly speak or acknowledge msgs Then when you delete them then ask why ! Good blog Well said
02.01.2013 13:50 EST,
Totally agree. Y do so many ask 4 friendships but dont follow it thro after. I find many go, when they dont get what they r truely after. try the suck up friendship first. Then those that verbable abuse when u cancel get a life pmsl x
06.02.2010 02:20 EST,
Ahh :) some1 who thinks like me lol its exactly how i feel. Why have all these ppl on your list and you dont know them?? Who u wana fool? *i do a clean up every now and then*
30.01.2010 23:07 EST,
i feel the same. nearly 300 on my list, and the only ones i can call friends is actually about 15. i tried trimming down my list, but more seem to appear, lol :)
30.01.2010 23:04 EST,

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