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Who knows best?

07.02.2010 00:53 EST
The way2make me boil with incandescent rage is to just mention Health n safety..arrrrrrgh.the words make me want2vomit..England.that green n pleasent land.home2free thinkers.democracy.and toleration has been taken over by the unelected wearers of flourescent jackets.and approved safety boots.we r told what to eat.what to to eat.and when to drink..these fascist.faceless .clipboard holding tossers have made what was once a country full of adventurers.into a nation of complying for one
Intend2smoke while eating a grease laden kebab..swill it down wth copious amounts of booze.then stagger home wearing black clothing in the middle of the road.and if a truck flattens be least i wasnt stuck in the pen wth all the sheep..
Well said LMA0!
27.02.2013 13:41 EST,
BAAAA!! rofl. great blog, i agree :-)
15.02.2010 10:35 EST,
thats just flat out funny !! I agree, you should be allowed to kill urself if you wanna, how dare they encourage u to be safe and healthy, what are they trying to do?? Make life better?? Damn them !!!! ROFL - go down in flames, just like Jesse James.
14.02.2010 08:26 EST,
Gets on my nerves 2. Think they take it 2 far sometimes. Trouble is in a world of people put claims in 4 the slightest things. So maybe thats y xx
07.02.2010 04:45 EST,

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