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Why should I care?

19.08.2009 07:20 EDT
Life isn't a box of chocolates. Its not a bed roses. Going on day after day. Year after year we lean one thing that life is... Life is fucked. .. Its not that nature or god or mohammad or buda or and other super natural creator intended it to be like this. Not at all. The plan was simple. Greate a heavenly, beautiful, unique planet full of billions of different living things. Let them all co-exist in a balance way. Let the planet be beautiful forever. Than what do the go and do,,,, MANKIND ... What do we do? Fuck everything we touch. Break all that is fragile. Desicrate all that is beauty. And fight with every other one of our kind. How exactly opposite of the earth could mankind be? So I say. ... Fuck it ... The sooner we kill ourselves off. The faster the planet can heal. Let the wars break out. Let new plagues come. Let the ice melt and the oceans flood. This global population of destroyeraz needs to be reduced down to what we were intended to be. Caretakers of this planet we call earth. Just any garden, it nerdaWatching over. But when 2many of mankind were born. We lost site of our purpose. So sought a new one. War. Conquest. Power. Control. Let us all remember that only one person is needed to maintain a garden the size of a house. So how many could we loose and still take of the earth. ??

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