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loshadi zhivotnye zima - Newest pictures

jforjg0's mobile blog

Type of animal/flower/n mystery of nature

This is my mobile blog.About an adventure that i have been or maybe something I have done.Myblog is able to read in bahasa malaysia(my language),english,French,spannish,Japan..Or maybe u can write in you language.But,makesure you're write in full phrase.
px viperaaspis ae - Newest pictures
Scientific name:Calloselasma rhodostoma. This snake has been classified in viperidea family,a snake whos have a triangle face n poison bite.Two ho... Read more
picture by Jforjg
lesser bird of paradise - Newest pictures
Scientific name paradisae a poda from paradisae family. This bird only available in temperate areas. The legend said,this bird will die if perch ... Read more
picture by Jforjg
borneo ninja slug - Newest pictures
This animal call borneo ninja slug.found at Sabah,can shoot calcium carbonate ‘love-darts’ into potential mates. These darts are tipped with hormon... Read more
picture by Jforjg
big fish - Newest pictures Animals/Nature
Scientific name Ictalurus Punctatus from family Plotosidae. Catfish is a type of aquatic life that can change characteristics based by environment... Read more
picture by Jforjg
Categories Animals/Nature
sulawesi tortoise - Newest pictures
Scientific name 'Malayemys subtrijuga'..this tortoise called sulawesi forest tortoise,have a flat shell,gold,and set up evening like time to look a... Read more
picture by Jforjg
ptg - Newest pictures
Scientific name 'Tarsius pimulus'.In sabah,its call 'Rinukut-rukut' a strange kind of rare animals. Pygmy is a herbivores type,that feed on fruit a... Read more
picture by Jforjg
Newest pictures
Scientific name: Hirudo madicinalis. Leeches live in juicy and moist areas.Are carnivores type that feed on other aquatic life and suck blood. Lee... Read more
picture by Jforjg
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