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breast milk

Mothers Oppose Federal Law Banning Raw Milk Transport Across State Lines

12.12.2011 22:45 EST

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Who better than a group of moms to get the job done! And what is the job? Breaking federal laws, the laws which prohibit transporting raw milk across state lines. The moms call themselves Raw Milk FreedomRiders . They are working to have the feds repeal the law,and they are appearing to besucceeding toward that end. The last group of freedom riders crossed state lines bringing their raw milk with them to a public protest on November 1st . The FDA saved face, yet backed downby stating that it would not make the moms criminals for breaking the law because they used the milk for their own personal use.
But the moms are not transporting the raw milk for their own use. They are taking a stand for the farmers or their hired agentswho need to transport raw milk across state lines for their customers. So the women risked fines and imprisonment by transportingthe raw milk across state lines into Illinois for a raw milk and cookies rally at Chicago’s Independence Parkon December 8th.
A few of the mothers who were interviewed before the rally, were open about their protest to break the federal law and risk arrest in order to bring awareness and focus to the cause. One Freedom Rider , Nancy J. stated that she was compelled to act because the government's law was an infringement on a citizen's right to "whole, healthy and unprocessed foods from good, small, organic farmers whose own livelihood has been infringed upon by our corrupt government system."
To some extent more individuals are joining together to support local farms because living in large metropolitan areas, fresh produce oftentimes isn't readily available. But there are issues. Even Whole Foods, according to Nancy J , still "has a lot of what I wouldconsider as unhealthy foods and very high priced organic fruits and vegetables. This iswhat makes it so difficult to eat healthy." She reiterated that though she tries to encourage others to eat good foods, the "system" has made it hard to find suchfood at affordable prices. Andwriting and calling legislators is useless because "they do not listen to us, since they are corrupt and bought by corporate interests." She claimed, "This is MY way of showing how serious I am about this FREEDOM issue."

→Article Author: Carole Ditosti
I'm a published writer and blogger at two sites ( and and I also guest write for other blogs. I am an experienced reviewer, editor and English instructor.

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