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girl and boy

~ It StArTs HeRe ~

09.11.2011 00:03 EST

LaNd Of CoNfUsIoN......By.......GeNeSiS.......

YeS It StaRtS HErE ... ThE GaMeS Of CoUrTShIp BeTwEeN BoY An GiRL ThEn MAn An WoMaN... !! ALOnG ThE RoAD Of LiFe SoMe WoMeN UsE ThEiR SeX To CoNtRoL ThE MaN...!! RigHt Or WrOnG ThIs IS NaTUrAL WaYs FoR ThE GeNdErS To InTeRACT..! "*MaN SpEnDs 9 MoNtHs To GeT Out...! An ThEn ThE ReSt Of HiS LiFe To GeT BaCK In ThE*" ....!!!!! (You know)
ALL ThOuGh In LiFe ThErE Is ThIs ((((VENT))) SoMe MeN ArE DrAwN tO SaMe GeNdEr FoR ReLatIoNShIps As WoMen ArE DrAwn To SaMe GeNdEr.. An HeRe EnTeR ThE *Hetrosexual* Vs ThE *Homosexual*... ThRoUgHOuT LiFe ThE TwO ArE At ODdS..!! As A CHRiStIaN I No LoNgEr StRuGgLe WiTh ThIs As MaNy StILL Do...!!!
I Am AmAzEd At HoW MaNy MaLeS I HaVe FoUnD HeRe At PePeRoNi CoMe HeRe An TaKe A FeMALe IdEnTiTy...!! MaNy Do FoR SeX An OtHeRs to ATtRaCt MoRe UsErS To LOoK PoPuLaR To PePeRoNiTy... !!! THeSe RePrOBaTeS KnOw WhO ThEy ArE..!!! I NEeD Not ThRoW StoNeS At ThEir GLaSs HoUsEs...!!! ItS ALwAyS BEeN My PoLiCY To GiVe ThEm ALL ThE RoPe ThEy NEeD To HaNg ThEmSeLvEs An WhEn I KnOw ThEsE UsErs ArE LyInG tO Me FoR ThIs Or OtHeR ISsUeS I CANCEL Off My LiSt...!!
ThIs HaS Made Me VeRy UnPoPuLaR But LiaRs. As My HoLy FaTheR GOD HaS TauGht Me ThEiR FaThEr IS *satan*...!! I JusT ChOsE NoT To Be WiTh ThEM...! *and Do NoT TeLL I JudGe*...OnLy GOD CaN JUDGE..!! AnY HOoo !!! ALL YoU PePPeR SnAPpErS EnJoY OuR PePeROni...!!!!

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