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Poem For People That Are Understandably Too Busy To Read Poetry -by: stephen dunn-

03.05.2013 15:17 EDT
Relax. This won't last long.Or if it does, or if the linesmake you sleepy or bored,give in to sleep, turn onthe T.V., deal the cards.This poem is built to withstandsuch things. Its feelingscannot be hurt. They existsomewhere in the poet,and I am far away.Pick it up anytime. Start itin the middle if you wish.It is as approachable asmelodrama,and can offer you violenceif it is violence you like. Look,there's a man on a sidewalk;the way his leg is quiveringhe'll never be the same again.This is your poemand I know you're busy at theofficeor the kids are into your lastnerve.Maybe it's sex you've alwayswanted.Well, they lie togetherlike the party's unbuttoned coats,slumped on the bedwaiting for drunken arms to movethem.I don't think you want me to goon;everyone has his expectations,but thisis a poem for the entire family.Right now, Budweiseris dripping from a waterfall,deodorants are hissing intoarmpitsof people you resemble,and the two lovers are dressingnow,saying farewell.I don't know what music thispoemcan come up with, but clearlyit's needed. For it's apparentthey will never see each otheragainand we need music for thisbecause there was never musicwhen he or sheleft you standing on the corner.You see, I want this poem to benicerthan life. I want you to look at itwhen anxiety zigzags yourstomachand the last tranquilizer is goneand you need someone to tell youI'll be here when you want melike the sound inside a shell.The poem is saying that to younow.But don't give anything for thispoem.It doesn't expect much. It willnever say morethan listening can explain.Just keep it in your attache caseor in your house. And if you're notasleepby now, or bored beyond sense,the poem wants you to laugh.Laugh atyourself, laugh at this poem, at allpoetry.Come on:Good. Now here's what poetrycan do.Imagine yourself a caterpillar.There's an awful shrug and,suddenly,You're beautiful for as long as youlive.
ga mudeng artinya..tapi the show must go on..keep ur spirit move on fren
13.09.2013 00:20 EDT,

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