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Sex is must for life but its not life!

18.11.2014 06:47 EST
Once again i am changing my user name, this time to my real name. Reason: really i am fed up with few friends frequent request for a sex chat and some friends are sending ugly pictures as hint very often. I have mentioned in my prev entries that i am here only for a healthy talk not for a fillthy talk, dont send me ugly pictures as hint because i hate to watch those pictures.(actually i am not viewing any ugly picture, once i saw it is an explicit picture i wont proceed further. Those friends are wasting their time in sending ugly pictures to me. Even if i watch those pictures, i wont get arouse, i am not an immature girl. ) i checked myself, why most of the users in this site are behaving with me badly? I got the answer immediately. It is because i am identifying myself as a lesbian. Already explained why i am mentioning me as a lesbian. Neither i practised nor anyone teached me lesbian. I am a born lesbian like a shemale or a born guy. ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY CHARACTER. I am a well educated good girl with a sound family background. Not even a hi or hello, many girls ( most of them are fake ids. Already i kicked out nearly 900 fake ids from my friends list) are straight away meant for business in their msgs. Some friends are starting their conversation in a good manner but sooner or later they are coming to that point (sex.) we are not animals. God gave us an extra sense to differentiate us from other living things. But we are not using it many times and behaving worst than animals. Sex is must for life but its not life. Same will apply for money also. But most untoward incidents happens in this world because most people are treating these two as life. Please dont compel me to come to another site like whatsapp and chat with you. I am online in this site means i am monitoring my office server and also replying to msgs in this site. I cant able to chat continusly. So i feel this site is more comfortable for me. Already cancelled my membership in many social networks. Now just having telegram and google plus. But not visiting those sites nowadays. Coming regularly to this site only. I am a fast surfer and even more fast typer in english, but i couldnt control the flow of msgs when i am online.

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