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Kalpana aunty

22.12.2014 02:09 EST
what I’m about to narrate is happened to me 7 months ago. I’m Sid 20 yrs old and she is my distant relation. Her name is kalpana. My mom & kalpana are close friends. Frequently they use to call each other & talk for a while. Kaplan’s age is around 36 & her height is 5’5. Coming to her structure she is having D shaped boobs & little chubby. Her color is golden milky white. I’m doing college, pre final yr. my height is 5’11, color of Indian white. My dick is 5’8 inch length.
Everything went well until my mom’s mobile gets problem and one day my mom’s mobile was not working and so she borrowed my mobile & called kalpana to talk, it was a Sunday. Next day I went college. That evening she called me to talk with my mom. That’s the first time to talk with her in Mobile until that, if I see her in any function I’ll will just shook my head she also do the same. I informed her that mom’s mobile is working now & I’m in hostel. 2-3 days went many times kalpana crossed my mind frequently. My mind gets the thought of fucking her.
From my friends mobile I used to call her & her voice as a wrong number and her voice stimulates me and that weekend I went to home as usual. Sometimes my mom & Kaplan used to share some things like dress, jewel. That Saturday my mom asked me to get Saree from kalpana, by hearing my mind poisoned. You’ve got a chance why do you want to waste it? I said yes to mom & went to her home. Kaplan’s husband is an entrepreneur, morning he leaves and returns for lunch then at night. When I reached her home it was around 4.00 pm. she was alone, I rang door bell she opened the door. WOW..!! She is half wet by her sweating it seems that she is cleaning something.
She invited me in & asked me what you want to have juice or coffee and I said juice and she served me a mango juice after 10 mins. She sat opposite to me by cleaning her face sweat with Saree. I got a sight of her cleavage. My dick got buildup. I didn’t move my eyeball from her cleavage. I’m sure that she noticed me that I’m seeing her cleavage. I said to myself “hey Sid this is the only chance to take it or else fuck yourself” but there is a fear that she’ll say this to my mom. But she didn’t cover herself after also noticing me. This boosted me up.
She went to kitchen and i followed her with my dick standing erect inside my pant and i hugged her from back and she jerked on seeing me hugging her. She said “if you got it go and wait in bedroom or else go to living room. On hearing my body enthusiasted. Got green signal why do I want to wait here, I moved to bedroom. I cannot sit in the bed; my dick is hard rock now. Can’t wait for her. After few minutes I heard a door locking sound I peeked out the room and saw, she was closing & locking the front door. She turned around and started to walk to the bedroom, I came inside the room.
Kalpana entered the bedroom & asked me to take bath quickly with no words I entered the bathroom which is attached to bedroom & took bath within 5 mins. I asked for towel. She told me to come outside naked. I got shy but she didn’t, so I wear my pant I wet and came out, on seeing this she shouted me & she said wait until I take bath. 10 minutes after she came out only with towel and asked me to turn around. Suddenly she covered my eyes with a towel and asked not to do anything if you want me.
I responded her and she takes my right hand and tied to the one corner of the bed and left hand to another corner and I’ve seen this type of porn videos, it’s a FEMDOM category. In this female will dominate male. I just can’t believe that this is happening to me. I’ve planned one thing but this goes in another way, but I enjoyed it. She untied the towel from my eyes, what a feast she was standing before me only wearing a black bra and panties. she removed my pant my dick is in 90 degree & took a snap of my nude body with her mobile and said if you cooperate with me ill not publish this to any one or else surely I will do it. I said okay ill do what you say.
She went off the room and came with a two bottle of oil and a plastic cover and she said that “I’m going to torture you and if you scream I’m sure your pics will be published”. She took a small package from that plastic bag, OMG that was a condom. She wear that thing in her middle finger and she opened one of the oil bottle and dipped that inside the oil, turning on me asked have you tried this before? I said NO but, I’ve seen in porn movies and I asked her “how you know all these things?” She replied that she is a college graduated and knows to browse in web; one day while browsing she crossed this type of videos.
She added that she asked her husband for this type of mating but and he said that he is not interested and now she is going to try on me. She said this will be painful, I asked what you are going to do. She said conversation is finished between us keep quite. She circled her middle finger with condom on my asshole opening; I said not to do this. Suddenly she fasted her finger into my asshole, it’s a killing pain. I screamed she closed my mouth with towel. She removed her finger and again did the same. My whole body jerked off.
She repeated the same for many times, I can’t tolerate the pain she stopped doing this and removed the condom from the finger and wear in two fingers I understood what she is trying to do. I said NO with aloud voice but the towel I my mouth clogged me. She pushed her two fingers into my asshole; it’s very tight to fist two fingers. She stopped doing this and removed the condom from the finger. She took the oil bottle and poured the oil on my dick & said it’s not oil it’s a honey. She gently rubbed my dick. My dick dissipated heat.
She holds my scrotum and crushed it and due to pain I was trying to get my hand from the rope but its waste of trying and she is not leaving my balls, I begged her to stop, she slapped my balls & again to crush my balls. I cried a lot, my tears came from eyes. On seeing this also she didn’t stop doing this. All of sudden my mobile rings she got my phone & said that it’s your mom. She took the call and said that “the Saree is not ready, it’s in dry cleaning after 1 hr ill receive it and ill give it to Sid” and added that I’m in portico.
She kept the call and said next 1 hr you will be mine she licked my dick wow what a feel again she poured the honey and licked again. She started to masturbate my dick OMG I’m about to cum, I moaned that I’m going to release it but she started to increase the speed of shaking my dick. I released my cum in her hand but she never stopped doing it. My body is vibrated suddenly my hip started to move up and down, that’s the pain I’m about to die. On my reaction she stopped masturbating my dick. She licked my chest nipple and bites it and I shouted she spanked my chest and nipple. Now she took the towel from my mouth. I breathed heavily.
She dipped her finger into honey and asked to lick it and i did the same Then she removed her bra it’s a whitish curvy boobs. She kept her breast near my mouth and asked me to suck it. That’s the first time I’m sucking the boobs. It’s a heaven feeling. She also moaned, I licked her both boobs but my hands are itching to press her boobs. She poured oil into my dick and removed her panties. Her pussy is little hairy, she applied oil into her pussy also. She took my dick and pointed in front her pussy. I was tempted on seeing this, again my dick got erected.
Kalpana asked me whether you tried any women before and I said no and she said today I’m going to take off your virginity. She pushed my cock into her pussy, it was pain I shouted and again she closed my mouth again with towel. She started to move up and down. The pain turned into pleasure, her boobs bounced up & down. At the same time she pinched my nipple and spanked me. After 10 mins I was about to cum, suddenly she screamed out loudly and she released her water with full force from her pussy.
I also cummed the same time and she leaned on me and gave me a lip lock for a while and she said that “today my dream is full filled” and said thank you to me. I said it’s my pleasure in filling your desire. Also she said you can come here any time before that call me to make sure that my hubby is not here. She untied my hand we took bath together and got dressed up. She gave me kiss once again and took the Saree from the cupboard and gave to me. With a smile I said bye to kalpana and left the home. I’m Sid this is my true story happened in my life.

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