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A Perfect Night with Lesbian Mistresses.

22.12.2014 02:29 EST
Mostly emails I got are from guys who want to know whether I am in touch with that lady or not. These years I search a lot but I did not find another chance to find a true dominating women. As you all are very well aware that Indian girls are most dominating women of the world, but feel shy to explore this possibility of kink in real. All the girls/women whom I find during these days are fake; they will charge for the sessions, take prior payment and then flew off. Websites like, are full of these creeps. So, I request you people please do not trust on those fake ids.
My luck is again in my favor, I got an email in mid August 13 with a question “IS THIS STORY REAL? And R U THE SAME GUY” and this time the email is with a girl name SANVI (Sure this is not her real name and I am not at all interested to know her real name). The email was in my inbox for the next five days but I did not reply. It was on weekend when I reply the mail with answer “YES”. Within one hour I got a reply share your number, In reply I ask for her number which she accepted. Now I have her number and I call her on Sunday afternoon. With a formal intro and talk she say that they are two persons, one is she a 23 year unmarried girl and the other is 29 year old married women. They are lesbian’s partner for the last few years and now they want to do something insane. I ask what do you mean by INSANE, she says we will let you know. If you are ready for a “TEASE AND DENIAL – FEMDOM NIGHT”, we can meet next Saturday. She confirmed that she will call me on Friday and fix up the schedule, I immediately say yes. I got a call from Friday and we decided that they will pick me from Green Park. As set I wait for then on Friday evening in Green Park and after half hour of waiting the lady came in santro car and we shake hand. Without saying anything I sit on the back seat, the unmarried girl SANVI came to the back seat and SAKSHI, the married women was driving the car. Both are like perfect goddess , good height, slim, high heels, wearing jeans and top. One thing I always admire in mistress is they have long fingers so that they should leave a perfect mark of slap on my face and bare ass, both of the lady are perfect Mistress . Sanvi told me that they are going to a flat in South Ex., and they will spend the whole night there, U tells if you have any limits in this play. I reply I have two limits first is no visible mark on face and outer body and second is I am straight, so no guy in the act. Both laughed, Ok …U r straight means no to real LUND but we can fuck you with our dildos, don’t worry they are not too big. My answer was I have not done this earlier but we can try. They says Okay then, we will take care of your limits and don’t worry we are not animals, we are looking for a soft erotic femdom night. We don’t believe in torture and all and till today we have play with each other in ass and pussy. This is for the first time we are going to play with a guy.
We first go to South Ex. Market and have some refreshments, they ask ‘do U smoke’, I say no..Good..But we smoke. We will today taste you the how to smoke and how to inhale smoke. We again sit in car and reached a flat, the flat was well furnished. The ladies which were looking very cool till now have now changed. It seems they have some hormonal changes in their body, they now look dominating and using abusive language. Sanvi took my collar in her hand and slap me hard sit on floor u rascal. Mean while Sakshi shouts ‘is behenchod kai kapde utar or iske gale m patta dal kar isse kutte ki tarah farsh par bitha”. As ordered I got nude and Sanvi put a collar in my neck and order me to sit like a dog in floor and they both went inside a room.
Almost one hour passed, I was sitting in same position but they didn’t come, I was feeling a bit scary. Suddenly, both of they came and I was shocked to see them, both was only in bra and panty , a cigarette in one hand while a glass of beer in other hand. They was really looking stunning, beauty with attitude and sign of dominance on their faces. They both sit on sofa and I was sitting in same position. Sakshi was asking to Sania bata is kutte kai saath aaj kya kare , to which karna kya hai puri raat sale ki itni marenge ki aage s kabhi slave banne ki nahi sochega. Suddenly Sanvi came near to me and pulled my hair very tightly and ordered me to open my mouth, the moment I open my mouth she put the cigarette ash in my mouth and ask me to take in and say good dog.
She ordered me to lick her toes which I listen immediately. I was busy in licking her toes and heels, meanwhile Sakshi came from back and she whip her leather belt very hard on my bare ass.. I scream with pain! and both they were laughing. Sakshi ordered me to lick her toes , now the belt is in Sanvi hand and my ass was under her mercy. Till now what I understand is that Sanvi is more cruel than Sakshi, she beat 6-7 times continuously with belt and then scratch my waist with her long nails. Pain was unbearable for me, but this what I alwaz dream off, so I try to enjoy every moment.
They ordered me to stand straight, Sakshi bring a back pack which has ropes, whip, 2-3 dildos and a strap on, and a large pack of kohinoor extra dots. They start teasing me, Sanvi removed her bra too. Her large white melons with deep red tits were hanging in front of me, my lund was jumping and was at 90o¬, I want to squeeze them but the moment I try to raise my hand Sakshi take control of them and both of them tie my hand with rope behind my waist. The play was getting wild and hot, it become difficult for me to control..Sakshi also removed her bra. Now they start teasing me, Sakshi was standing in front of me caressing her boobs on my chest, while Sanvi was on back giving me the warmth of her boobs and also pinching my nipples from behind. For the next half hour they tease me to the extreme, my condition was if I pull the skin of my cock only once, I bet I will explode. Both knows how to control and tease a guy. Suddenly Sakshi pull my hairs very tightly and said madarchod muh khol apna, the moment I do Sanvi spit in my mouth and then Sakshi and I was forced to take that in. I dont know what happened to both of them, turn by turn they are slapping my face , first a bit slower and then very-very hard. My face was like a red tomato and it make me feel burn.
After this the real play begin, Sanvi bring a Chair and I was asked to sit on that. In front of the chair there was a round bed with very soft mattresses and cushions. Sanvi Tied my hand on back side of chair and Sakshi put rope in my legs. I was to sit in such a position that I sit in front of the bed. To my surprise they start playing with each other as they already told me they are lesbian partners from years. Sanvi was a real bond she knows how to humiliate, she knows how to slap a guy, and she was a expert in lesbian act also. Sakshi was also awesome but if I have to choose one of them, Sanvi will be my choice. Sanvi was holding Sakshi hairs , both sitting in cross position and smooching very passionately. This make me realy hard, my lund was dripping and it make me feel some one forcing me for a controlled orgasm. They continued with their foreplay but it was difficult for me to sit in that posture, they tied me so tightly that I will not even be able to move a inch. If I try to do forcibly the nylon rope will leave a mark on my arms and legs. Suddenly Sanvi come close to me, with a very sarcastic look she smile at me and said you know what a pig like you deserve? I said what, She said wait I will tell you. She immediately put her panty down, and forcefully sniff it into my nose, she pull my hair and put her full panty in my mouth and slap me hard . This is what you deserve now sit and watch us, after that hum teri marenge. I was about to choke, the panty was full wet, I know the smell, Sanvi has a orgasm during foreplay. I like the taste but at the same time I feel suffocating.
Sanvi again went to the bed and pull Sakshi panty down, they start cuddling on bed kissing passionately, pressing boobs, they were enjoying and I was fighting to get free but failed. Sanvi put a pillow under Sakshi ass, She parted her leg so much that the pink area of Sakshi pussy is visible to me. Sanvi start rolling her tongue on her thighs, slowly; her long rough tongue was teasing Sakshi. She took her whole vagina in mouth and suck it deep in mouth. Sanvi was a master in Licking, she knows how to lick. Sakshi was flying high in sky, pushing her hips up and she was holding Sanvi hair very tightly pulling her more deep into her pussy. Sanvi pull her vagina from finger and insert her tongue inside pussy and rotate tongue inside Sakshi pussy. White juice was trickling from Sakshi vagina and Sakshi was licking the every drop as a hungry bitch as there is no tomorrow.
It make me feel that licking pussy is her favorite act in sex. Sanvi love to hear Sakshi moan, more she moan, more passionately she lick and eat Sakshi pussy. Sanvi was playing both with her tongue and fingers, finger will dig and tongue will lick and then Sakshi explode vigourously , white juice was spread all over on Sanvi face. Sanvi got up and move close to Sakshi and Sakshi lick every drop from Sanvi face and then they kiss passionately to swap the juices inside their mouth. Now it was Sakshi turn, She starts licking Sanvi pussy and ass. This licking session continued now they have started playing with dildos. Sanvi put condoms on two dildos, and both of them are are putting them in ass and pussy, they look like a perfect player.
I was shocked when Sanvi put a strap on and start fucking Sakshi from behind. She was a good fucker too. When they both exhausted, they feel relaxed, for nearly 15-20 they lay down on bed in opposite direction. After that they got up and untie me , I was thinking its over for today night, but more dirty things was waiting for me. They put a dog belt in collar and start moving and I was ordered to move like a dog, Sanvi was hitting a whip on my back. They took me to the toilet, the moment before I understnd something I have to lay down on toilet floor and Sanvi was standing above my face with her legs wide open and immediately she start pissing. OMG! A hot shower was on my face, I bend my face a little so that it will go side but failed as Sakshi was holding my head very tightly. She pisses around a litre , some goes into my mouth , some on face and stomach and rest on floor. Now it was Sakshi turn this time Sanvi hold my head very tightly and force me to open my mouth so a lot goes into my mouth.
After piss session we three take shower, I want to lose, but they dont allow me. We again went to room, this they order me to lay down on bed. I did the same, they again tie my hands and legs veryy tightly. They again start slapping me, they are playing with my nipples. Sakshi sit on my face and press her ass very tightly on my face, while Sanvi start ...
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