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drinking their piss - Man Woman Jobs/Masturbation Private Parts

My opinions on porn and descriptions of various types of faking in porn

14.12.2008 11:06 EST
Both of my blog entries are well worth reading but if you only read one of them I would very much recommend you choose the other one rather than this one as it's very interesting if that isn't too immodest.

I am going to give my views on pornography in this blog entry. I very much approve of the way society has gone regarding the vast reduction of the sexual repression of people and the dilution of sexual taboos.

There is still more progress to be made though. For example, here in The UK we have a situation where the pornographic pay TV channels such as Television X and Red Hot aren't allowed to show penetration. Many years after penetration was allowed to be included uncensored in magazines sold in newsagent shops the porn channels are still not allowed to show it. This anomaly is silly, ridiculous and highly unfortunate. The UK can only really be considered to have discarded the legacy of the puritanism of her past such as Victorian values when the people who subscribe to such channels are able to see the penetrative acts that they would obviously like to see on the channel or channels they have subscribed to.

I believe such liberalising changes as the availability of hardcore porn magazines in most UK newsagents as of about nine years ago at the time of me texting this have been positive changes that have reduced the sexual repression of and increased the liberty and freedom of choice of the British public. Can anyone who reads this sensibly contradict that?

There is unfortunately a lot of faking when it comes to porn and I'm going to give examples...

One example is the faking of horses ejaculating in women's mouths in bestiality DVDs and clips taken from them that end up on the internet. It seems to be that it may be difficult for a woman to make a horse ejaculate with her mouth so it gets faked a lot. The woman fills her mouth with milk, cream or yoghurt and then closes her lips around the horses penis. At this point milk or whatever it might be might get wiped off her chin and then the filming begins. Some time later she starts to part her lip from the penis and it looks like the horse is ejaculating into her mouth and then the semen starts to spill out. A big giveaway is when this happens despite the penis not being fully erect and another is where thd supposed semen has the appearance and consistency of cream or yoghurt as horse semen actually has the consistency of milk.

Another example of faking in porn is when fake semen is put on the faces and bodies of women during photoshoots. It seems that to some extent when it comes to photoshoots for magazines the pornographers have or used to have a policy of saving the men's real ejaculations for DVD scenes and use fake cum for photoshoots. A giveaway is where the supposed semen has trickled down her face or body and left a white trail behind as real human semen would leave behind a fairly transparent trail as opposed to cream or yoghurt.

In scat porn the shit is only real some of the time. There are women who are/have been prepared to appear in films and photoshoots involving real faeces and there are others who are/have been prepared to appear in such films and photoshoots where it looks like they are doing extremely depraved things with shit but where it's really brown food as they refused to do the scenes and photoshoots unless they were faked. A giveaway is where you don't see the supposed faeces emerge from someone's anus. Even if that is shown the faeces could be exchanged with brown food and all the viewer would see would be an edit and a possible change of camera angle. Then there is also the possibility of a fake shit being inserted anally before the filming starts and that is what gets defacated and used during the scene. There would be no need for that when it comes to photoshoots where it would be my guess that there would be a greater likelyhood of it being faked than with DVD scenes.

Then there is the gagging a woman with a cock head at the back of her throat and making her vomit scenes that I find hard to justify being allowed. I saw a programme on TV where the pornographer wife of the pornographer Rob Black was interviewed and it included a clip of this type of porn but it looked like a mouthful of soup coming out of the woman's mouth rather than vomit coming out. On a later programme this was commented upon by someone who had also thought it was a mouthful of soup rather than vomit and an interviewer interviewed Rob Black who admitted that they use soup or sometimes use it instead of the woman genuinely vomiting. I wonder how often soup gets used instead of the woman genuinely vomiting in gagging to the point of vomiting scenes.

Many of the female orgasms in porn DVDs are likely to be fake and most of the supposed squirting is really deliberate urination. There is some genuine squirting due to orgasm in porn DVDs but mostly it's fake. There is also another type of female ejaculation which involves producing a white fluid that is similar to semen. A real squirt occurring due to orgasm is over very quickly so if it takes more than two seconds to come out of her then it will almost certainly be deliberate urination.

At least one American porn company has made DVDs featuring huge fake cocks which ejaculate a ridiculously exagerated amount of semen and clips from them have been included on sites. A giveaway is when the man has to hold the base of his supposed penis when having sex in order to prevent the fake penis being unintentionally pulled away from its position by the woman. Another is where the man is fully clothed despite having sex due to the clothes concealing a strap around his pelvic area resulting in him not having to hold the base of the fake penis. Really though, you should be able to tell anyway due to the very exagerated size and not quite right appearance of the fake penis and by the ridiculous amount of semen that gets ejaculated. To me these clips are fantasy porn where it's obvious that the cock and semen are fake but I used to have an intelligent friend who sent a private message to me in which he excitedly enthused about what turned out to be a huge fake penis ejaculating fake semen clip. It was obvious he hadn't realised that it was a fake penis ejaculating fake semen. It would seem there are people who are being fooled by these silly clips despite them featuring ridiculously huge fake cocks which ejaculate an unrealistic amount of fake semen.

Another method of exagerating penis size of the man is to use a computer program such as Photoshop to widen his penis in porn images. With a widened penis it seems like the woman has a penis of much greater girth inside her vagina, anus or mouth than she actually did and this is hoped by the pornographer to make it a more arousing image. As with the fake penis porn videos these Photoshopped images look utterly ridiculous to me and most others who have seen them but I know for a fact that the fake penis videos fool some people so maybe even the widened penis images do as well.

There is so much faking in porn that it should be no surprise for you to read that many of the women who appear in DVDs that feature a man seemingly asking random women who are outdoors to come with them and have sex for money which will be filmed and included in a porn DVD are really walking, sitting or standing there for the purpose of acting like a random woman when the man approaches and are actually fully aware that later they will perform sexual acts for the porn DVD and aren't really random or a total stranger to the man. I wonder if sometimes the supposed chance encounters in the street/park etc are filmed after the sex has already happened and been filmed lol. The man who plays/played the Ben Dover character said in a radio interview several years ago at the time of me texting this, the first one or two Ben Dover videos really did feature genuine random total strangers but they weren't genuine random encounters in the rest of the series, at that time at least.

There is a weird clip featuring a pretty woman's lit fart that I have uploaded to the page 'Amazing porn videos 19' in my site 'amazingporn5' that is surely fake. She certainly couldn't fart that much gas in one go. You could easily have a look at it now. At least this example of faking in porn might only be a one off. Lighting farts can be dangerous. There was a man here in The UK who did it and badly burned his anus, even internally, I think. You have been warned.
i mean sumtimes i think im strange being so open minded. all girls i no either lie r to shy or borning
26.03.2012 06:19 EDT,
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