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happy Halloween

02.11.2013 00:40 EDT
once upon a time there was a woman whose beauty was unmatched. she was left loved by everyone. everyone thought she was perfect...... but noone is perfect........ she had one flaw, she was a nympho she loved sex, specifically she loved rape. one night on Halloween she dressed up in a very sexy devil costume with high heels and she went to a Halloween party. She danced with strangers until midnight. On the walk home she had a feeling she was being followed so she turned to check behind her every few minutes. She had a feeling that she smelled rotting flesh. She started to walk faster until she bumped into a stranger on tje sidewalk. she fell to the ground. She got up and apologized for bumping into the stranger until she stopped and stared in horror.THE MAN WAS A ZOMBIE. She screamed at the top of her lungs and ran in the opposite direction. She ran as fast as she could but he followed behind her. She started to look aroundand she noticed everybody was dead but alive. She was surrounded by zombies. She ran faster but she couldnt get away from them. She ran into an abandoned warehouse and hid. The zombies stumbled into the warehouse and looked around. They couldnt find her and gave up. As she got up she knocked over a pipe and it fell to the ground with a loud clank noise. Almost instantly all the zombies turned around and rushed her grabbing her and throwing her to the ground. She started to cry and rock back and forth screaming"i don't wanna die". she looked up and noticed they werent eating her brains. she noticed that they were staring at her body. Even though she was only 19 she had huge tits and an amazing ass. they were all drooling over her. she instantly knew what she had to do. she ripped off all of her clothes and sat on her knees. the zombies stumbled over to her and ripped their pants open and revealed giant cocks oozing a strange green sticky liquid. she guessed that it was their precum. the crawled over to the first zombie and grabbed his cock and started deepthroating it immediately. The smell of rotting flesh was too much for her and she fell back and passed out. when she woke up she was being mercilessly gangraped by an army of zombies. she looked down and noticed that she was covered in cum. cum was seeping from her pussy and ass. her tits were now white. years later she died and became a zombie slut and on every Halloween she webt door to door giving blowjobs. THE END
nice story!!
29.12.2013 22:29 EST,
I've never been one to turn down a blowjob but, this zombie slut doesn't bite, does she?
08.11.2013 15:45 EST,

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