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theex edited

The Disgraced

25.11.2009 09:43 EST
............ ...........

My name is Sangeeta Rawat. I am a simple and educated woman, living at a rural village named Madhupur in Madhya Pradesh. I am 24 years of age now and the mother of 2 very young children. My eldest daughter is 2 years of age and my youngest son is now, a 4 month baby. This is my real life story, on how I have been exploited and subjected to a life of shame, due to circumstances in life ......

Having lost my daddy in my childhood, I was brought up by my mother, who worked hard in other people's houses to take care of my up-bringing. Luckily she was able to ensure that I was educated. I grew up in economically extremely difficult conditions. The only son of the richest Zamindar ( Landlord ) in our entire district, took a fancy for me. My mother was happy to get me quickly married to him, as his family did not ask for any dowry. We were married 3 years ago. My husband was a good man. He loved me deeply and we led a happily married life. We were blessed with a daughter two years ago. But tragically, around nine months ago, when I was pregnant with our second baby, my husband was killed in an automobile accident. Being pregnant, I went back to stay with my mother. But again tragedy struck. A month after my son was born, my mother died of a heart attack -- leaving me -- with no money and no place to go. I could not even go to work, due to my 2 small children.

My father-in-law, Mohar Singh Rawat, a 71 year old man, was the richest man in our district. He was a widower, who lived in his palatial bungalow alone with tens of servants to take care of him and his needs. Despite his age, he was almost frightening in his physical appearance. He was very dark, very tall, muscular and with blood-shot eyes. Everyone was frightened of him, because of his cruel nature, arrogance, wealth and temper. He terrorised the whole district with his demands on everything belonging to others -- properties, fields, etc.

It was rumoured that he did not even spare the young wives, of labourers working in his fields. His labourers were very frightened of him. When my father-in-law instructed them to bring their wives to him at nights, they would meekly accompany their wives to his house, to satisfy his perversions and lust. It was rumoured that babies born to the wives of almost, half of the labourers working in his fields, were actually fathered by - my father-in-law!

Despite knowing all this, though I was totally terrified of my father-in-law, I had no option, but to visit his house and request him, to allow my children and me to stay there. I reached my father-in-law's place in the evening and went to his drawing room, where he was watching television. I knocked on the door and he looked up. I cast my eyes down, touched his feet and said,

' Namasthey -- Baabuji ' ( Meaning ....... greetings -- father-in-law )

My father-in-law simply did not reply. Instead he stared at me for some time. Then his eyes slowly started roving all over my body. I could see lust in his eyes and was getting very un-comfortable with his staring. He was my father-in-law after-all! After a few minutes of staring, my father-in-law replied,

' Bahu ( daughter-in-law ), I am surprised to see you here and that too at this time '

I explained to my father-in-law, all my misfortunes and pleaded with him to allow my children and me, to stay at his house. I told him that we would not be a burden, or disturb him in anyway. I explained to him, that I would do all the cooking in his house, along with other house-work, in return for his permission for us to stay there. I even offered to stay with my children at one of his out-houses for workers.

My father-in-law again did not reply. Instead, he continued staring at my breasts openly for some time. After sometime, he replied,

' Bahu, if I understand you correctly, you wish me to help your children and you to stay here and take care of your needs. And in return, you will take care of my needs. Is it not? '

I said, ' Yes -- Baabuji '

He called out for a servant and asked her to take my children to another room. She took the baby from my arms, caught my little daughter's hand and led her away. After she had gone, my evil father-in-law got up from his chair, walked up to me, put his right arm over my shoulders and walked me to another large sofa. He sat and then to my shock, pulled me over to sit on his lap! His arm remained on my shoulder. With his left hand, he started softly touching my cheeks, lips etc. saying,

' Don't worry -- Bahu ( Daughter-in-law ), you are my only son's widow. It is my duty to take care of your children and especially, a young and healthy widow like you. I know that a beautiful woman like you, has needs. I shall keep you like a queen in this house and satisfy all your womanly needs. So just relax! '

So saying, he leaned and suddenly kissed me hard, over my lips -- thrusting his tongue into my mouth, while he began fondling my breasts, over the palloo of my saree ( Saree, is a garment worn by Indian housewives, instead of a dress ). I was shocked beyond imagination. I knew that my father-in-law was a sex-crazy man. But never in my wildest of dreams had I imagined, that he would do such things to me. I was his daughter-in-law. His only son's widow. The mother of his two grand-children! How could he even think of touching me like this? It was so shameful. I began struggling to get away from his grasp. After sometime, I managed to free myself, got up from the sofa, went to a far corner of the room and said,

' Baabuji, what are you doing? Please do not do such things. I am your son's widow. I have always thought of you, as a father to me. What you did, is so wrong. I am a decent lady. No man except your son has ever touched me. Please do not do such things. It is so indecent. So sinful '

My father-in-law said, ' Bahu -- don't talk like an old lady! Yes - you are my daughter-in-law. So what? You are a young and healthy woman. You are a widow. I too am a widower and live all alone. You said that you would take care of my needs. So, what is the problem if I kiss you and fondle your lovely young breasts? '

I said, ' Baabuji -- when I said that I shall take care of your needs, I meant that I shall take care of all the work in the house, so that you can live comfortably. Not such sinful deeds '

My father-in-law said, ' Bahu -- Don't make me laugh. I have tens of servants to take care of housework. That is not a problem for me. But being a man, I have other needs. The need of my cock. The need to chew upon your tender lips. The need to fondle, kiss and suck your luscious young breasts and nipples. The need to touch and play with your widowed cunt, which has been unused for 3 years now and the need to thrust my throbbing cock into it! '

I started crying and said, ' No, Baabuji -- please do not say such vulgar things '

My father-in-law got irritated and said, ' Look, you little girl - let me be straight. Your lovely & delicately tender body has always excited me to make my cock erect. I have always wanted to caress, kiss and suck every part of your amazing body. Even when you were getting married to my son, I was fantasising on how I could enjoy your body '

He continued crudely and shockingly, ' As a matter-of-fact, I had even seriously considered having you kidnapped and brought to my other bungalow, on your wedding day with your bridal clothes on, so that you could spend your wedding night with me - instead of my son. I wanted to have the pleasure of roughly tearing open, your virginity and seeing you bleed and scream with pain, when my cock was in the process of doing so. But then -- taking pity on my son, I did not do so '

He went on, ' And now that you are a widow, the opportunity has presented itself again. Let us come to a mutual agreement. Let us agree on taking care of each other's bodies. You are my daughter-in-law. I do not have any other family member. So, all my property will come to your children and you, after my death. You need not do any work here. You can live like a queen in this house. You can have whatever you wish - sarees, jewellery, clothes, delicious food, good education for my grand children. Whatever you wish. You will have tens of servants at your beck and call. Servants to take care of you and your children. You can relax & sleep during the day, watch television & cable, go to movies, go shopping in the town, play with your children and be happy throughout the day '

He suddenly asked me, ' Did my son fuck you in your anus? '

I was shocked at his vulgarity and involuntarily almost screamed, ' No!!! Please don't say and ask such vulgar things, Baabuji! '

He continued, ' I want you to be clear now. If you wish me to take care of you and your children, you will have to agree to become my personal property. You will massage me, bathe me, dress me up, feed me and later will come to my bed-room to satisfy me in every way, as I fancy. You will be my mistress. My sex toy. I will fuck you with my strong cock, in every way and for any number of times that I wish, during every night. I will squeeze and play with your delicate and fleshy young body. I will fuck every part of you -- your mouth, your breasts, your tight cunt and even in your virgin anus '

He finally stated, ' If you follow exactly, what I have explained to you, then you can stay here as my daughter-in-law. If you do not agree, then you can leave now with your children. I shall legally cut out all of you from my properties. You will be on the street. For all you know, you may get raped by hooligans on the street and may end up as a road-side prostitute. So, tell me -- what is your answer going to be? Yes, or no? Will you be agree to be my mistress, or do you wish to leave? '

I was shocked at his words! I was his daughter-in-law and yet, this horrible old man was so shamefully telling me things, that no father-in-law would ever say to a daughter-in-law. He did not even seem to care that I was his own son's widow. I began to cry.

Sobbingly I pleaded with him, ' Baabuji, what are you saying? Please do not say such things. I am your daughter-in-law. Please do not ask me such things. It is so wrong. So indecent. So sinful. But I understand your need for a woman. I will try and help you by finding a nice lady for you, ...

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