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Too much

19.06.2011 12:24 EDT
This is Jude´s first blossom through a dirty window:-)
Since yesterday we have april weather (no, today it´s like autumn): rain and sun and rain again, stormy wind, it´s cold, 13 degrees today. Yesterday I saw the birds take baths in puddles of rain water and enjoyed it, but today I thought about switching my heater on.

Like every sunday I worked emergency. it spoils the whole weekend because normally it starts early. So all i can do is watch tv the night before, and during emergency because it´s hard to concentrate on something which needs more thinking.
I really detected some programs on sunday morning which are for grown ups and so interesting that you forget to look for something else. I learned a lot about very different people like Käthe Kruse and Edzard Reuter and I picked up crumbs of historical knowledge...I like it very much. Sometimes I even forgot that I´m in emergency.
My tv program shows signs of different colours to indicate the quality of movies. I realized some time ago that the people who give these signs must be men in their late twenties so I don´t give too much on these signs. But yesterday I saw a german film with a red sign (best)...and after some minutes got kind of irritated about it. Of course that´s only what I felt. The story is simple: jewish girl from a very conservative family meets christian boy. Her family wants her to find a partner but he should be jewish. But she loves this one, and they start some kind of acting to conceal that he´s not jewish. He must learn as soon as possible most about jewish life. Okay - this could work out and be funny and thrilling, but it´s not. Not for me. It must be one of the german attempts to show how much we accept jews nowadays, but even I who knows nothing about jewish life in germany feel that it´s wrong somehow. It´s stuffed with jewish symbols, dangling from the mirror in a car, as mobile phone ringtones, the life of the jewish family is like cut out from the life of a jewish family 150 years ago...the female friend of the heroine is a jewish the middle of the movie you want to get out because it´s filled with too much of everything. Obviously they wanted to discuss many matters in a light way, but no. It´s bad. it´s unreal.
To me it seems, as long as someone feels a topic like this must be shown in a movie like this, it´s maybe still not as easy as we want to think.
I´ve seen much better films about the same kind of topic (but don´t ask for names now). Whenever two different cultures meet and people look for a way to get together the problems are the same. There´s always someone in the family who disapproves, and maybe he´ll be the first who´s happy about the grandchild.
Oh, but one name I´ll tell you: the name of the movie which must not be seen: So ein Schlamassel. That´s true :-)
Jou, der deutsche Film hat's nicht einfach, schon wegen der deutschen Vergangenheit... Andererseits schlägt ein vergangenheitsargument beinahe bei jeder Nation irgendwo... Ist's vielleicht uch die Mentalität? ODer war's nur dieser Film?
20.06.2011 16:09 EDT,
Mutti i have glad........ My mutti had an interesting day......... Jude's first flower is sweet ...... Some days after new flower will come........ Than we forget old......, mamma that birds was happy by bathing at rain...... May be that will be too happy....... If his spouse is also with him........ Mamma switchd on day with great succesive peoples life...... Mon was spoild day with negative thoughts....... Mamma what was the pgrm mamma detect?....... Mamma that german picture writers mind partialy affect storry......, so mamma felt that nt a real hapiness of life........ People forget to se...
19.06.2011 21:24 EDT,
The story of the movie is good and interesting about inter racial problem and the way of solution by conquers all...when Suzi will understand the fragnance of love :-)
19.06.2011 20:58 EDT,
greetings from austria where we had the same april weather on sunday ;))
19.06.2011 18:14 EDT,
Oh dear your blogs are so endearing an warm hugs kisses.... An now on the ? Side japenese scientists have discovered hoiw to make steaks high in protein from human waste(turds) see video in you tube(turds/shit)google... Hmmm wat next?
Nice n wise writing
19.06.2011 13:36 EDT,
I like the pic attached with the blog too ..nice shot ..
19.06.2011 13:15 EDT,
^.^ amazing that I like it :) thanks
19.06.2011 13:14 EDT,

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