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lb gummy bear

Well I guess the voices are still in my head

11.04.2012 16:15 EDT
Btw, the pic is whats called a Gummy bear, its a sweet/candy, but this particular Gummy Bear, is 27lbs of soft jellied candy, full of e numbers and all kinds of things and has 32,000 calories, all the good things a boy needs, lmao.
Okay, em so where did I leave off? How the hell do I know my head's empty as usual. Oh yeah, just had a look.
Well Connor survived the night, like I said, nothing would bother him after he farted. So we left our cave and headed north using the GPS the manager from the Disney Hotel had given us.
Then the next thing we knew we were in a space ship, but not uncle Jean Luc's, this was an alien spaceship and they wanted to perform all kinds of experiments on us.
They had us tied naked to table and bgan prodding and poking us with things, in all kinds of places. Inserting things, where things shouldn't be inserted, although that can be fun.
I mean when Matt inserts his, um nvm, you don't really want to know what Matt inserts or where he inserts it do you? No I didn't think you did. But they did, and well, the worst part was the feathers. Not for me cause am not ticklish. No way, not me, not at all, nope, am not ticklish, not even a little bit, so the feathers didn't bother me at all.
But the others, well they were because they were laughing and screaming and crying from being tickled, but I wasn't. NO WAY. They also too samples from us, and used things to make us give them samples, They wrapped these things around our, em well, I'm sure you don't want the sexy, I mean gory details. But those things got everywhere, in all the little nooks and crannies, and the tickled, no me, cause am no ticklish.
It took a while but eventually the aliens had got what they wanted and left us alone, but we were still hooked up to their machines which continued prodding and poking and inserting things here and there it was fun, I mean it was agony, torture in fact, they used, well, honestly, I would tell you, but I don't want to corrupt your minds.
"What, you're already corrupted," (Damn its the voices.... no I don't believe that, and besides, you don't really want to know what they did.) Well, its late, so am gonna have to leave this for now and continue tomorrow. Since, this isn't the end of this part, I will only say ttfn and finish it later. take care all of you.
Sorry, went to a friends younger brothers birthday. Hey Corkz, you're a big boy now, 8 years old. Happy Birthday Corky. You were a clever boy fixing Ky's phone this morning.
Okay so back to where I was, um where was I? Oh yeah getting poked and prodded by aliens.
While the aliens were prodding and poking us, Wesley Crusher on board the Enterprise was going through a few things in his quarters. Well, actually, a few things had gone through Wesley, namely a dozen or so of the crew, and even at that moment Wes had his tight arse high in the air getting, um well am sure you can imagine what he was getting.
His cries were muffled by the gag, and his wrists were tied, um well I'm sure you can think of something, lmao.
Well, the aliens decided to have a tea break, hey they were cultured aliens, they have tea and biscuits at 3pm precisely everyday.
So when they left I got out my SUPER DOOOOOPER WATER CANNON, no I'm not telling you where it was.
I used its high pressure to free us all, then we took over the ship while the aliens had their tea.
They were somewhat miffed when their heads hit the cieling of the spacecraft. Hey I don't yet have a car licence. So i sure as hell don't have a spaceship licence. Lol.
Tha's uncle Jean Luc's department, he's the one who likes shooting through............... Space, yeah space, deffo space, or maybe that should be holes, well a certain hole, but lets not go where few men have gone before, lmfao.
Well, maybe more than a few, but hey who's counting, well maybe Wes was, but he sure as hell loved it.
So we flew the alien spaceship back to earth, kicked em out, after covering them in ketchup, well the sharks kinda got a taste for ketchup and you can't blame em, it tastes good.
And its kinda nice to have a change of diet once in a while, and I was running out of friends. Um, any offers, am open to all new friendships!!!!!
But you must be good swimmers, well it makes it more fun for the sharks if they have something to chase, it gives them an appetite.
So we now had a spaceship to play with, which was a laugh, but after a while we got bored and swapped it for some motorbikes.
Hey it had 397,000 million miles on the clock and was over due its 300 milliom mile service.
And besides motorbikes are cooler than spaceships, unless they happen to be named NCC-1701-E USS Enterprise. And have a certain young ensign on board who likes getting his, um well never mind what Wes likes, lol.
"Is this dumb thing over with yet?" (Damn its the voices again)
Okay, I'll finish here. Bye everyone, and sorry for boring you, unlike Wes who loves getting bored! Take care and have fun, and try not to have nightmare about any further crap I may force on you.
Bye guys, girls, boys, ladies, gents, transgenders, transexuals, bisexuals, and even aliens, but mostly the sharks, for now anyway.
Love you all.
You are blooming mad.lmao x
19.04.2012 19:26 EDT,
lmao my fingrz ar jus oldin it up cos it wud flop abt all ova da place if i didn old it up coz it needz a firm hand on it 2 keep it up coz itz soft n squidgy in da centrlmao
Hey i know the rules bout not leavin comments until you have finished each part (altho that crettin below who's tryin flog stuff don't know bout it.....and i guess you'll delete that one so then all yer fans will read this comment and think Mikey has finally lost it.......) but i just got to ask bout the Gummy that a cute lil smile on his face? .....and would it in anyway be related to where you got yer lil fingers? pmpl....soz couldn't resist dat one mwah xxxx
12.04.2012 16:31 EDT,

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