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Personal Thoughts on the Act of Love Making

06.05.2013 05:10 EDT
What is Love Making? well alot of people today see sex(love making) as entertainment that it has lost its context of what 'lovemaking' is all about. In the past love making is usually betwn 2 people who love each other that their desire brings them to the part of their union of which is the sweetest form of their affection. Today Sex is used as entertainment to satisfy ones desire. Sex has been so abused to a limit where both parties don't know how to satisfy each needs anymore in a loving and affectionate way but in their own selfish ego and needs. To men sex is an intergral part of their daily being. they need to release to feel alive. For women, sex is part of an affection they have for their lover. Men get satisfied after they jerk off but for women, 99% does not even reach orgasm or be satisfied after sex.
Women take part in sexual orgies but does it really satisfy them? as I've said 99% women never reach orgasm, 90% of the time they'll lie to you gentlemen just to make you feel happy but in reality, they pity the man they just had sex with. Sex is an act of Love making, so if the guy only wants to satisfy his own ego, he'll always go hunting for preys, but to make the best of what you have currently at your disposal, try chatting with ur female partner or lover on different positions that will help you both enjoy sex to its maximum. So to the gentlemen who are reading this, no women are as stupid or shallow in the art of Love making, infact they know everything about it, but will pretend they don't know anything. Infact women when chatting about sex among themselves, they will talk about the most graphic part of the act of love making. Men boast to their mates just to polish their egoes, but in reality they have no idea or have not done it or only fantasizing about it.
Infact women know alot more about sex then men, all you men need to do is know how to tap the information from them. Happy reading and all the best in your sex and love life..Cheers ;);)
mum u r quite right.i satisfy my partner by performin evry position n act she wants n we really njoy it.
07.12.2013 21:34 EST,
what sort of information you think i should tap on?
26.08.2013 02:38 EDT,
plis inbox me n tell me more on hw i can satisfied my lover..i luv ya comments..plis giv me sme advice..
17.08.2013 21:47 EDT,
İ agree with what your words as you said is true,every men thinks that they when dealing with lovemaking we know everything accually we dont know.
12.08.2013 08:20 EDT,
That 99percent proberbly havent found a real man who knows how to please,,,
12.08.2013 08:07 EDT,
hehehe .. good one babe.!! Thats my treasure!!
11.08.2013 00:51 EDT,
ur such a genious on the subject.u wud make a good
15.06.2013 20:24 EDT,
well i say it all depends on man how he knws bout sex. wen 2 start n wen 2 finis. how 2 satisfy da women..
15.06.2013 06:50 EDT,
Wow?lady u a correct,partner a made to satify each other's wants,ithz not oneside
14.06.2013 23:01 EDT,
wow dat was well researched, hay ur great..a real women.
14.05.2013 08:29 EDT,
wow!!! thats amazing,, really but in this site people are lost men n women they dont satisfy onenther any mo cos now man seems to look to man for satisfactn n likewise women.. n so this world is destined for noahs days... be warned lookout...pretman.
07.05.2013 08:21 EDT,

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