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Alice Lives With His Father (INCEST)

24.06.2014 01:22 EDT
Alice lived with her father, after the her father and mother got divorced, she was young then, her father was a conservative man, who did not get married again, devoted his life to his daughter and his business. Her mother is on the opposite side of everything from her father, a very attractive, beautiful mid-aged woman, who takes good care of her looks; body and image as well, very wide open minded woman and easy going and socializes with all people around her. Alice was not all the close to her mother who got married again but to a guy who is younger than her and moved to his town far away from her ex-husband and daughter, her father would not encourage her to be in touch with her mother, he simply did not like the life style of his ex-wife, he did his best to keep Alice away from her. But during the last year, Alice managed to be in close touch with her mother through phone calls, internet and social sites, she knew about her mother during this last year more than she did all her life, she felt she was close to her mother and would not mind her open minded style of life. Alice felt, deep inside, that she was open minded, easy going person, but her father tried his best to keep her in a closed circle, till she was growing up and he was losing control over her, she started dating, going out and enjoying life, the way her mother encouraged her to do, during their last contacts. Alice has never met her step father yet, but has talked to him on the phone a couple of times, he sounded alright, may be a flirty type of a guy with a good sense of humour, whom she felt ok with. During school, as Alice was discussing things with her mom, college came to mention between them and her mother said they had a very nice famous college at the town she lives in, once Alice graduates from high school, she would apply for her to get in to it. Her mother suggested that Alice would get her father permission to come and stay with her mother for a while, to try out life in that town, besides it is their natural right to be together as mother and daughter after this long time, she said her father would not and can’t deprive both of them of these rights. Although Alice was hesitant about it, but her mother insisted, stating that she could stay with them for a while, as they have a full spare room with all the internal facilities, If she likes it, she would stay with them during college too when the right time comes up, and this visit would be as a trial, all she has to do is ask her father for his approval. That sounded ok to Alice so far; actually she felt she wanted it more than anything to get rid of her routing boring life, she got nothing to lose anyway, and it is summer vacation from school any way, and she has about three months ahead of her without school, she confronted her father about it, and asked for his approval with big demand and insistence on his approval. Her father’s first reaction was of objecting and straight disapproval, but she was upset, moody and staying alone most of the time, he deeply thought about it, decided it was time she gets what she wanted otherwise, she would leave him as soon as her legal age approaches if he keeps depriving her from seeing her mother, so he decided to approve it, which made her so happy and so anxious for this trip to stay with her mother and step-father for a while.The teen ager Alice packed her personal stuff, her father drove her to the train station, they hugged and kissed good bye, with some tears involved, the train took off and started rolling with lots of things on her mind, her new life with mom, her step-father, all kept her quite till she was falling asleep on the trip.As the train was approaching the city she was getting off, Alice who spent most of her life in Jeans and T-shirts, tried to impress her mother and her step-father and prove to them she grew up fast, she went to the toilet and changed her Jeans and T-shirt in to a dress. She had bought a dress for this trip which she only tried on once, never went out wearing it, it was a tight elastic (licra) type material blue dress, sleeveless, tight to her body, for the first time outlining her mid-sized tits of 36C, a little bigger than most of her friend’s tits. Alice has, tall nice legs, with fairly thick thighs, the short dress was about an inch over her knees revealing most of her sexy thighs, she knew it looked good and sexy on her, by noticing the eyes of men, especially the young ones around, focused on her body, when she came back to her seat, some eyes were concentrating on her legs, others on her well, round, firm posing tits under the tight dress. Again all she was trying to do is impress her mom who will be waiting for her at the station, finally, the train came to a full stop, she picked her suit case and walked out, got on the side walk looking right and left, till she spotted her mother, whom she had not seen for a while. When her mother waved to her and started walking to her side, Alice was shocked to see her mom for the first time in a long time, the very sexy, attractive, charming, mid-thirties Suzanne, walked like a bird, in a nice summer light, very short dress, with a lovely figure that would make her barely look in her late twenties. They met, hugged and kissed, holding each other for a few minutes while some tears flew down the cheeks, then they pulled a way, Sue held Alice hand and walked backwards looking up and down inspecting her little daughter’s gorgeous body, whistling and saying “Wow Alice, you sure have grown up so fast, you look like a very sexy young woman” “That is a beautiful dress I have never expected you to wear, knowing you love casual clothing’s” Alice blushing and saying “well mom, I wanted to impress you, I have never wore it before, it is a new dress” her mother continued “I encourage you to wear dresses always baby, you look great, so beautiful and so feminine, only if I wasn’t your mother and I was a guy, I would have raped you right here on the train station”, they both laughed so loud, walked hand by hand to her mother’s car.As soon as they got home, which was not that far from the train station, they got in her mother’s house, which was huge, spacy, of three bedrooms, a spacy living room and a kitchen, another spacy guest room, and some other attached spaces, stores and so on, a nice spacy yards around the house with lots of trees and greens, Alice’s mother is a rich woman who has inherited lots of money and realities off of her late father after his death, Alice threw her purse on the couch and sat her ass on it pumping it to the couch looking tired from the trip.Suzanne got in the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of fine champagne and two glasses walking out, looking at Alice “I know you may be breaking rules, but you need something to relax you, being with me, there will be no rules to start with, so you can break any of the old rules you were tied up with” Sue started pouring the champagne while Alice laughed saying “I do need that mom, so I am glad you will let me have it”, her mom sat next to her, kissed her on the cheek handing her the glass of champagne and said “Honey, nobody would have the right of depriving you from doing anything you want to do when around here, you do whatever pleases you ”Suzanne looked at Alice and said “ you don’t look so comfortable with this dress, why don’t you finish your drink and go take a quick shower, get into anything now, but later on for dinner I would like you to wear it again” she winked her eye smiling and saying “If I were you, I probably would wear it alone with nothing under it, if I want to be comfortable, although I do not guarantee anything from Ricardo side, he is a flirty guy and I hope you do not mind him?”Alice smiled saying “Oh I can put up with him, why don’t you tell me all about him mom?” Suzanne said “He will be late, I am not cocking, we have ordered some ready dinner from a nice restaurant, so we will have lots of free time to chat once you relaxed and took your shower” Alice finished her drink, went to take a shower while Suzanne went to her bedroom, got into something comfortable, a light material nightie of full see through material, but covered with an over rope, tied from front, got a similar one, she had bout earlier for Alice to make her comfortable. Suzanne has a nice sexy body, round full sized tits of 38D, much bigger than Alice’s but still firm, stand alone and stuck out with lots of cleavage showing from the tight top of the braless nightie, she is tall, got some extra meat on, but mostly on the right places, the hips, ass and so on, nice soft round ass, her skin is bright white, which Alice took after her too. Alice walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body, she looked at her mom, whistled smiling and saying “wow, what is that?, you look so beautiful and so sexy mom”, her mother pulled her hand and sat her next to her on the couch hugged and kissed her saying “thanks honey, I am so happy you are so beautiful yourself” then she sounded like bragging when she said “you took the beauty after your mom” with a big laughter .Alice started looking around for her suit case to get something out of it to put on; her mother said “I put it in your room honey, but here, I got you this to put on, it would look marvellous on you, I bought it for you when I got mine, knowing my sweet daughter would be staying with me” she continued as Alice was walking away “Do not forget, this nightie goes alone on your sweet body, nothing under or over, would look and feel good on you that way” Alice took it and went to the bedroom, a few minutes later; she came out, looking gorgeous, with the lingerie/nightie, her mother gave her, Suzanne’s Jaw almost dropped when she saw her, she looked beautiful, so sexy, the nightie was so short, barely covering her ass, she did not wear anything under it as she was told by her mother. Her mother whistled saying “Oh god Alice, what is this baby? You are gorgeous, breath taking doll” Alice was blushing read, trying to pull the bottom of it down with one hand, while her other hand covered her almost bare tits under the see through material, saying “But mom, I am almost naked in this, I need a rope over it like yours” Suzanne stood up, got rid of her rope throwing it away saying “No you don’t, here, I got rid of mine too, no strangers are here, and we need to be comfortable, Ricky will not be here till late, besides we will get dressed for dinner before he arrives” she pulled Alice hand and sat her next to her on the couch, gave her a drink of champagne, she already poured for her.True it was not as comfortable for Alice to be seminude with her mother for the first time, but not the same for Suzanne, they started sipping on their drinks and chatting about Ricky, her step father, especially when she asked her mother “how did you marry a man five years younger than you are mom, if you don’t mind my ...
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