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Would You Rather...? HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

30.10.2016 11:59 EDT
Welcome to Would You Rather...?: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

NOTE: these are written for kids LOL, but I have still answered them :D EnJoY!!

01: Would you rather walk through a graveyard at midnight or spend the night in a spooky, abandoned house?

A: Spend the night at a spooky house. I really don't like graveyards at all :/

02: Would you rather dunk for apples or carve a jack-o-lantern?

A: Definitely carve jack-o-lanterns :) I think I'd be useless at dunking for apples...I'd probably nearly drown :o

03: Would you rather meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?

A: A werewolf :) and then he'd chew my face off :D

04: Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

A: Probably a vampire. Though I'd get bored of a diet of just blood....I dunno haha.

05: Would you rather go to a really great Halloween party where you didn't know anyone or go to a kind of lame Halloween party where you knew everyone?

A: The great party! I don't like most of the people I know :D

06: Would you rather have to sleep in a coffin or have to live in a giant pumpkin?

A: Giant pumpkin, definitely. That actually sounds amazing. When can I move? :)

07: Would you rather read a spooky story or watch a spooky movie?

A: Spooky story, probably. Not really a fan of horror movies.

08: Would you rather be chased by 5 zombies or 1 werewolf?

A: 5 zombies if they're really slow. I can imagine a werewolf being pretty fast.

09: Would you rather help to design and make a haunted house or go to a haunted house that someone had already created?

A: Help to make one, that'd be really fun :)

10: Would you rather dress up as a devil or dress up as an angel?

A: An angel because I am one 0:) or am I? ......


And that's it! Happy Halloween everyone!

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