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my first night

11.08.2013 11:02 EDT
I was a virgin bride and yet my husband was not the first,the second or even the sixth man to fuck me In fact, he was the seventh man to penetrate my pussy. Let me tell you about that incredible experience. I had a typical big wedding as expected of my family. A brand new bride, only married for a few hours to.Vivek, my new wonderful husband who's family owned a factory that made sexy under garments for woman. He was also my cousin. Both of us came from very rich upper class and traditional families and all thought that it was truly a marriage made in heaven. Vivek is four years my senior. I was a truely a tradition homely girl and did not kiss a boy until my wedding day when Vivek kissed me after the ceremony. I was expected to maintain my virginity, saving it for the man I would eventually marry as this was the way I was raised.

I had never kissed anyone except Vivek as I said. After we had attended the reception, changed into to our traveling clothes in order to go on our honeymoon, we were driven to the airport. We eventually boarded a plane, destination Chennai.My parents had reservations at a luxury resort hotel for a week. A week of love making, sandy white beaches a week I will define my me and forever change my perception on sexuality. While I was a virgin Vivek was having regular sexual relations with amongst other woman his 37 year old house servant. The bell hopes help us to our bridal sweet that had been prepared for our wedding night. Flower petals on the bed soft silky sheets and a bottle of champion next to the bed. Vivek paid the bell hops. Than kissed me on the cheek and said he be back. I removed my clothing and now was only wearing a sexy black panties and matching bra. I took some of the flower petals and put in inside my panties letting it rub against my pussy. One hour past than other, finally the was a knock at the door. It must be Vivek and he forgot the key. "Coming babe". I went and opened the door. To my horror it was a huge man carrying Vivek over his shoulder. He pushed his way in the room and placed Vivek on the sofa opposite the foot of the bed. He was a tall dark skinned man. Had a large belly in his early forties. He look at me and said "well well you not get cock tonight" I suddenly realized that I was only in panties and my bra. I quickly ran to bed to grab my gown to cover my self. He moved towards the door. Good he going I thought. Nooooo he went and lock the door. Than moved towards me.
Moving towards me he gave a sickening grin. As he loosen his belt buckle. Now he was close to me "You a sexy little bitch, uncle Kumar going to sample your pie"
I moved back but tipped and fell on the bed. Now he was over me. He pinned my hands down and started to kiss me. I resisted. He looked deep in my hazel eyes and said," We on the tenth floor, your husband is passed out, I throw him out of that window, Do you want that". "No ,no" I cried as I moved my head from his kiss. "Well than give me some pussy, and I be away". What was I to do..... He started to kiss me his tongue in my mouth. As his hands unfastened my bra clips than slides down the left strap and then the right strap. He starts kissing me going to my neck and finally pulls the bra out and throws it on the floor.
He began kissing my neck and moving down my body, to my nipple. He began to suck on them first the right than the left. As he moved lower now he was putting his tongue in my belly button. I knew this was wrong yet it felt so good. I never feel such sensation before. I got up to see if Vivek was getting up. But he pushed me back saying," don't worry babe he out". Now he reach my still covered pussy. He grab it with both hands and pulled them out. His dark eyes were burning with hot lust as he gazed approvingly at my naked white body. My exposed wet pussy was right in his face. His mouth was wet with spit and placed his tongue right on my clit. "Aaaaaah" I involuntary exclaimed I felt his facial hair of on my pussy his face inchs deeper and and deeper into my long soft trimmed pubic hair.
He got up and pulled out his clothing he was completely naked and the first time I saw a mans cock. It was about 12 inch in length and 2 inchs in diameter he told me " now we do 69". He grab me with one easy move was able to get me in position. "Suck my cock bitch or your husband going throw window". As he began to lather my clit, pussy slit and lips with hot spit and his tongue his mushroom cock into my mouth and swirling as my tongue sucked around the head of his cock as well as his shaft. He pull my legs apart far enough to place his whole head between my thighs and this allowed him to use various strengths of pressure against my wet steamy pussy. He flicked his tongue on my hard swollen clit and also dipped his tongue into my wet hungry cunt. I loved it. All my life I believed sex was sacrite,to be only between a husband and wife. Here I was sucking the cock of a complete stranger and getting tongue fucked in my wet married puss. My husband still fast asleep.
This was too much. I need his cock in my pussy. Unconsciously I muttered out. "Oooooh Aaaaaah yessssss Aaaaaaah". He said " you like it bitch, now I am going to fuck you puss like you never been fucked before"
He moved took my left leg and slowly rolled my entire body. Now I was lying on my back and he positioned him self between my legs.he got between my legs, scooted up until he was in position so as to be able to insert his massive cock into my married, tight, virgin hungry pussy. Slowly taking my hand away from my pussy he shoved forward, his huge black cocks helmet slowly spreading my wet virgin pussy lips apart as he pushed his muscular black hips forward. I moaned and shoved my pussy up toward the penetrating huge cock. He had trouble controlling his desire to just ram his whole monster deep into me and when he felt the obstruction of my hymen he knew that I was a virgin. With steady force he kept pushing slowly and finally my hymen give way. A warm surge of my virgin blood coated his huge cock. I moaned and help shoved my 19 year old pussy up toward the penetrating huge old cock. My eyes were closed in a rush of lusty passion as more and more of his huge cock slipped into very tight married pussy.
More and more of the very long length slipped up further into me until he was balls deep within me. He hissing and groaning in delightful passion as he began to fuck me, moving, thrusting his huge cock into tight, tightly clasping married teen pussy.
He began kissing me on my full red lips and I kissed him back passionately. I was moaning, grunting and hissing and kept telling him how much I enjoyed, loved what he was doing to me as I thrusts my hips up to meet his hard powerful pistoning inward thrusts. My legs had wrapped around his pile driving muscular black ass and was pulling him deeper and harder into and against me; my white arms were wrapped around his broad muscular back crushing him to my full, firm, hot nipples erect, white tits. I couldn?t control myself, I was lost in a world that to my of erotic, filled with ecstasy, fantastic, it felt so good so fucking good
For several minutes we continued to fuck until he could no long hold back the climax that had rapidly been building. I was also in the last stages of my very first powerful orgasm, and both of us panting and huffing in lust were racing toward my first of the night earth shattering orgasm. With one final hard inward lust, he buried his massive, expanding length deep into my throbbing, pulsing married pussy. Clutching each other tightly, flexing slightly our hips he began to unload a massive torrent of his hot, sticky, thick, potent cum up into my married womb. I screamed out as I felt my own orgasm begin and the hot spurts of his cum splattering up into my womb filling it to overflowing. For what seemed like seconds but was almost five minutes our orgasm continued as the two of us lay locked together getting every possible pleasure out. He had pumped so much cum into me that it began to slip out along his embedded monster and trickle down on to the bed sheets.
"Your first cock huh" he asked "mM I said" I said.
"Well you know, you going to be fucking one cock for the rest of you life now". "Yes" I replied.
"hmmmm" I replied.
"put your dress on, no need for panties" he commanded.
I got up and put my dress on as he led the way. we took the stairways all the way down to the basement, that was used for storage. He unlocked the door and pushed me inside.
We entered the room. he grab me by the waste and placed me on the table, unzipped his trousers and took his cocktail out and fucked my pussy. This time he only lasted a few minutes before he cut inside me.
Still joined in me he took his cell phone out and called someone.
I did not understand because he spoke in Tamil.
"After tonight you never forget me" he said with a grin on his face.
After ten minutes the was a knock on the door. One by one entered four in all. All in early teens wearing traditional doit.
He ordered them to line up and they obeyed him.

He then took s stool and placed it next to the table. He came to me and whispered "Choose the order you want to ride these virgin boys. "
I chose a order and Kumar ordered first lad to remove his doit and under pans and set on the stool. The boy who was about 15 did then Kumar took me by hand and ask me to suck his cock. l did after it got erections, Kumar guided me to sit on his lap and ride his cock, he never even lasted two minutes before he erupted in my pussy. Kumar have him a smack on head and we continued process of all four boys. I rode the four teen cocks and non lasted more than three minutes. after that Kumar made me lie on table and boys were made to suck my pussy.
Now it was time for me to go back to my room. We took the stairs as we walk up the stairs , the was a janitor sweeping. Kumar stopped looked deep in my eyes and asked "Do you want to try him"
"yes" I replied.
He went up to the janitor and told and asked him "you want to fuck this sweat lady"
"huh what you asking sir"
Kumar look at him and said "what you mean, what I am asking. Do you want to put your prick in her pussy and ramp it"
The janitor was shocked and speechless.
so I lifted my dress to ...
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