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Saturday Night dinner party

03.10.2013 17:24 EDT
This happen few months back. The kids were enjoying holidays at my patents home. It was a Saturdat night. Vivek wanted to meet our new neighbours. The Sharmas that moved from Pune. Manish and Verosha Sharma. Since the family did not know anyone in Delhi they accept our invitation without any hesitation. Manish was a is a doctor and Verosha a housewife. She a beautiful innocent village girl and Manish and her had an arranged marriage. Manish is only 24 years and his wife 18 years. The night started out innocent with vegetarian meal I prepared for us. Than Vivek brought out an expensive bottle of whiskey he acquired in his trip to the UK. However Manish was no drinker and refused it point blank. I brought us some ice cream that we enjoyed. everyone. Vivek asked me to pour him a glass of the whiskey which he drunk on the rocks. I had to go to the refrigerator to get ice. It had been months since I had some fresh cock and was bored with the one or twice a week missionary sex Vivek is accustomed to, my drivers daily quicky every morning. My South African lover father of my last two children would be coming only next month, oh how I wish I could keep his cock for my pleasure. As I saw Manish sitting on the sofa I got an idea. I went to the bathroom took two sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet. crushed it I placed every bit in my parm than I put it in the whiskey and mixed it and put two blocks of ice and staring it in the alcohols. I saw Manish cell phone on the table. I took it and hide away. Now everything was set of action. After Vivek finished his glass of whiskey he was getting very drowsy and lying on the sofa The Sharma's left as it was and went to their home across the street. Half an hour later, my husband passed out out on the sofa, Vivek started to snore. A heavy sleeper Vivek was, I knew I was only moments away for Manish coming to look for his cell phone. I rushed in room removed my sarie. and blouse. I was wearing black see through panties and matching bra. Looking through the window I saw Manish running across the road and moments later was knocking at the door. I grabbed his cellphone and put it in my cleavage. I opened the door and let him in. He was a very shy man. Manish put his head down. "Sorry I......I. I I I l....ah I " "Dr Sharma, What's the matter " I asked as though the was nothing wrong. I pick his chin up with my fingers and took his cellphone out of my cleavage. "You looking for this Doc" I said. Trying not to look at me he said "ye yeah" I took it and put it inside my panties. I put my finger and rubbed my slit and put it deep into my cunt I removed it and sucked my finger. "mmmm. taste good " I said. "Here smell it" as I forced my fingers in his nose. "Hey look here woman, I have no time for this give me my cell so I get the fuck Out of here " he said in a squirmish voice. "What's the matter doc you don't like pussy you gay you like your ass fucked by a huge dick" I said mockingly. "You know that' shirt you talking I have wife " he said angrily. I pulled down my panties and said "Show me that you are a real man that can haddle a woman not only a teen girl that you mom found you in some village" I took his hand and placed it on my pussy and his. fingers started to rub my pussy and I could see he was not so experienced in pleasingly a pussy. Thinking I was going to lead him to my bedroom for our deed to be done, I quickly stopped right in front of where my husband was laying. I turned around to face him and gently put her face in my hands as I leaned over to passionately kiss him. Our tongue was dancing in unison and our face locked to each other as I reached for the back of his head only to embrace the moment we are creating. After a few moments of passion, a deep snoring sound came out of Vivek and we broke our kiss. Still thinking we were going to go elsewhere, Manish hinted on going to my bedroom but with my other intentions me quickly to hold of his waist and pulled him closer to me. Grabbing a handful of the bottom of the shirt he was wearing I quickly pulled them up and over his head exposing his bare chest. He was a short man. I unveil and removed covered my black see-through bra. As a response out of nervousness and anxiety he said, "Not here." I could fell his cock getting bigger as each seconds pass. Still standing over and next to my sleeping husband in the middle of our living room where moment ago we were entertaining him and his wife, I quickly took hold his belt unbuckled it In no time they were undone and unzipped his trouser. he was pleading this time said, "No, not here." With that I looked straight at him again for a second just enough to let hI'm know my intentions and began to slip his trouser down his legs and onto the hardwood floor. He wore brief not boxers. As it became evident by my actions that I wanted to fuck him right next to my sleeping husband, Manish gave all sights of residence. I knew at that point that he would be mine again when he stepped out of his underwear that are now on the floor. He stood there right in front of me and removed his shoe step of his brief I pick his brief and I dropped it right on Vivek body as he slept contently and obliviously from what was about to happen. Without a word said, I dropped down to my knees. Still on her knees, I called his name and as his looked down, I took his already rock hard manhood in my mouth. I looked up at him with as I parted my lips with his cock. Vivek is not big but he has a man's dick. Dr Sharma had a boys dick. His whole dick disappear in me I was even able to suck his small balls. His whole cock was in my mouth. "Oh my god Saminda, Vero never does this " he said. Looking straight back at him as he grabbed the back of my head firmly and as he did, I broke our eye connection and braced himself for the face fucking he was about to getting for the first time he rammed his dick deep within my mouth and into her I noticed Vivek very groggy as he tried to wake up. I gave him a wink and he passed out again. The pills combined with alcohol was too potent I knew from previous experience. As he built rhythm and increased his speed he now was slapping his balls right on my chin as he completely face fucked my mouth. My gagging sound was prominent and distinct from the snoring that was still coming out of Vivek. It was as if they were competing who was the loudest. He was ready to cum as I felt increased tension his ball. With that I pusher him away from my mouth and wipe the spit that built up in my mouth that was dripping down my face. I lied down on the floor getting ready to be rode. He stood right on top of me looking down on the my body he was about to invade. My knees bent and feet on the floor looking up at hid hard on waiting to be fucked by a young inexperienced cock. He lowered himself down to my shaved vagina and as he did I accommodated him by moving my legs apart further and placing my right foot on his shoulder. His nose was right at my entrance as he took in a deep breath to smell my pussy. He obviously never suck a pussy before. "I begged Vero But she never allow me to suck her pussy " he said. "suck my pussy doc, suck it" I responders. The moisture that was continuing to build within my labia. Like a hungry animal he went to town eating my pussy like there was no tomorrow. He tasted everything from my lips and into my love canal and up to my clit over and over and over. He was lapping my clit like a dog in heat and in no time was I buckling uncontrollably and panting and gasping for what air I could breathe as I tensed up from the intense sensation I was being attacked with. I could not hold it any more as I finally let loose a load sound of pleasure I was cursing , I moaned, and I cursed some more in ecstasy as I begged him to be fucked right next to my husband. he regained his composure from almost cumming as he moved up from my position directly over me . my legs spread even wider in anticipation of his grand entrance. I placed my right leg over his left shoulder as he pinned my other leg from my thighs with his right hand. he was rock hard again at this point as he moved hid hips around using the tip of his cock to find the opening of my cunt. Within seconds I was wet opening was parted and all of his small cock have plunged inside of me . One swift movement and he rammed his way up my tunnel. my loud vocal moans indicated I did not care if my husband awoke to me getting thoroughly fucked. Again Vivek opened his eyes again I gave a wink again he passed out. I was getting nailed hard and fast and ferociously. I was being pounded like a piece of meat that she was that night. he was pushiny in as much as he cwould with out being out of touch with my pussy only to slam back down with all of his weight and back in in cunt. He fucked me in that position for quite sometime before finally putting both of my legs over his shoulders to get a complete deep penetration of his small cock. Despite his small cock I was extremely wet and he was slamming into me so hard that the sound we were making was louder than that of Viveks snore. I was being jack hammered roughly and I loved it as i came once more. my body stiffened up and convulsed in pleasure as I held my breathes and my face turned red. I felt the slickness of my pussy tighten up during my orgasm as he kept pumping my pussy. He kept fucking me hard and fast only to change pace to get a breather before fucking me the same way hard and fast again and again. I felt his body stiffness getting ready to explode and as he indicated to me he was ready to cum ." Not in my pussy" I screamed. Too late inexperienced Manish came in my well used cunt. We laid there on the floor next to my husband on the couch as we rested from fucking each other. I told him I am informed me she was not on the pill he had nothing to worry about. The next day Vivek told me of the dream he had. I was fucking Dr Sharma in the living room. I responders " and you were fucking Mrs Sharma, I bet you enjoyed that dream." We both burst out in laughter
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