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Saving Fatima's Marriage

06.10.2013 17:59 EDT
Fatima was the wife of Riaz. He was a supplier of silk and satiother materials to my husband. Riaz and Fatima were married for several years but were childless. At that stage I had two kids. One daughter from Sanjeev and son from Giovanni.

Fatima was typical muslim wife. She got married at very tender age and ever since wore a hijab from head to toe. Even her eyes was covered. She had a very good figure resembling a hour glass. Over the years Fatima and I become very good friends.

When Riaz used to go on his overseas business ventures. Fatima used to come and live with us.
I enjoyed Fatima company but it was a hindrance to my sexual activities with my driver Roshan.
On one such trip of Riaz Fatima and I were cleaning vegetables, in my kitchen we began talking. "Oh bhabhi you very lucky woman" she said in a very strange voice.
"Why is that bhabhi because I have friend like you? " I asked rather curiously.
"No no, I woman that imposes non your private life, so I can 't be that good friend you mentioned" he stated jokingly.

I thought you got that right bitch but said
" You not a bother to use at all and we pleased to have you here." I said to her in a stern but gentle voice.
"Thank you, bhabhi", she said in a sadish voice that demanded me to get an explanation.
" Its my life, my horrible life, it's my mother-in-law , her stupid husband but most of all.....,... " she too s moment as she had began to cry.
"Hey, hey what's wrong, dear" I said I went to comfort her with a hug.
"Its Raiz , he can't father children. They all think it is me, I have something wrong." she said as she cried over my shoulder.
"The are test treatments, for these things Fatima, "I said comforting her.
"You think I don't know I had every test done. No problems with my fertility. Riaz refused even to get sperm count" she said angrily.
"I am sorry bhabhi, I do not know what to say."I said.
"His family say that he should leave me, that I am defected. Get new wife, Six years I his wife.... and this the payment I get."
"Riaz bhai will never leave you! " I said reassuringly.
She pulled away wrap her hands around her arms, than placed her hand on her face,
"You don't know this family, Riaz will leave me like that " as she said that she clicked her fingers.
"Than what will I do, I am a wife with no skills my life will be over" she said. " I even considered I even considered ............" she stopped before she completed her thoughts. "What did you consider.......... no Fatima, you think of that" I said in a worried voice.
"You right..! " she said as she gave out a giggle.

"Yes and besides you my best friend and if you kill yourself I have to kill myself to join you. " I said in a jokingly tone.
"Kill myself, oh no I did consider that Saminda! I though you knew me better than that " she said.
She came to me closely and whispers in my ear "insemination by other man"

"Artificial insemination, you never get Riaz to agree" I told her.
"No Saminda, old fashion way " as she burst out in laughter.

"Fatima, you little rascal, I never though you have such thoughts?" I said mockingly.

"Just thoughts I never cheat on Riaz never ever!"
"Never ever of a man that going to leave you, because of his faulty sperm. I think you should" I said.
"What I am Muslim I never do such thing, Allah forgiveness for such impure immoral........."
"Before she could finish I put my finger on her lips, and told her
"You a woman, your husband is going to leave you forget about you instill you get a baby." as I gave my lecture I put my hand on her flat tummy and told whispered in her ear
" I going to help you get pregnant"
"Oh Bhabhi how you going to do that you can't make love to me - well we can but I am sure I you do no better than Riaz"
"No Fatima" I singled with a eye gesture to Vivek.
"Oh or no no I can never he and Raiz are best of friends he tell for sure"
"Never what will he tell Riaz old buddy I have been fucking your wife while you were away" "And you don't mind Vivek doing it to me " she said in serious voice.
I could tell in her tone that she was considering it.

I hatch a plan, I was tell Vivek I was going to the market. I knew as soon as l leave he go upstairs and masturbate in our room bathroom. Fatima was to go and surprise him and than offer herself to him. I wanted to watch.

It was Sunday and Vivek was home watching the cricket.
"Hello honey I am going to the market, do you need any thing"

"Hmmm sure babe after shave and some shaving blade you need some money "
"No. Vivi I have, oh and Fatima has headache so she be in her room"
I went to the driver gave him my list and told him wait till I give him miscal before he must take off.
I sneaked through kitchen door Vivek was peeping through door as I tip toed into our room. I went to our walk in closet and closed door. From the I had clear view of our bed. I gave Roshan the misscal. Within minutes Vivek was in our room. He pulled down his pans and held his dick in his hand.
He began rubbing his cock To my surprise he was mattering "Ooh Fatima oh Fatima"
On que Fatima tip toed into the room. She removed her head gear and threw it on the bed. I singled to her as I help her unzip her top which was on the back. She pulled it down and step out of it. Than she pulled down her pans and now she was only in her panties and bra. It was the first time I saw her and she was gorgeous. she had long brown hair, Her body she was slim with perfect hip waist, no fat what do ever. She had a cute birth mark on her back. Her completion was fair and as she turned I saw her beautiful green eyes.
As Vivek continued to masturbate she called her name.
"Oh Vivek oh Vivek,you naught boy"
Vivek turned around and saw Fatima. He never see her before without haijab, So had no idea idea who she was. He swallowed and said
"Who the hell are you? "
Than his eyes caught sight of the black haijab, and suddenly realised it was no other than Fatima. He knew he was caught out. Fatima went to the bed laid on the it. I could see her entire body, she was almost naked except for her lace panties and bra. I could not believe how sexy underwear Fatima used.
"Come Vivek bhai I am lonely" as she was fondling her own beasts Vivek took his trouser as though it was on fire. He climbed on the bed and went straight to remove her panties by putting his hand under the elastic.
She slap his hand.
"I promised Riaz never to remove my panties for other man, but I never promise not to part them for you"
She used her fingers and slowly parted her panties to reveal her cleanly shaven pussy.
"Suck my pussy oh Vivek suck me " in the most sexy voice I heard.
Vivek head went straight to her honey hole as I could only see the top of his head.
"That's good bhaiya suck that fuckin Muslim clit"
I watched as I watched Viveks head move up and down, as he sucked her pussy from up to down Fatima was playing with her boobs. Even though she was a small frame woman her tits were huge compared to mine. Vivek lips were glittering with Fatima's pussy juices.
"God you taste wonderful Fatima, I had I dream of this ever since I saw you"
"How come bhai you never even see me" she said as he kept sucking her cunt.
" I imaged you but never did I imagine you this beautiful, you gorgeous, No wonder Riaz keeps you all covered up"
"Think of me as your present, all gift wraped now it's your birthday and you opened me, " "Enjoying your gift sweetboy umm"
Vivek moves up and fills her month with his dripping cock as he pumps her month than pulls his dick out of her month.
He grabs her huge tits and starts mauling it with his hand and pushers his tongue deep into her month. I could see his cock was full erected and his foreskin was strenched to its limits as he rubs it against Fatima's legs . I wanted to go and put a stop to this at once, but I was also getting excited . I could feel a damp patch in my panties as my pussy seeps with juices in excitement. I watched as they continued to kiss. I could not see what Vivek was doing with his hands, but imagined he was fingering her pussy because Fatima was writhing around the bed quite a bit.
I saw her hand reach down and envelope Viveks dick as she starts to starts to move it up and down his shaft wanking him tenderly. I could see the pre cum leak from his prick.
" Raiz never sucked my pussy and I never gave him a blowjob" she unexpectedly confessed.
"I suck your pussy all nigh Fatima "
Vivek positioned Fatima in a 69 position as he sucked her pussy she sucked his cock. Fatima was playing with his balls as her red lips griped his cock in her mouth.
"Suck my Hindu cock you horny bitch" Vivek screamed. " As they keep up the pace I was reaching my hand into my panties and down my cunt and started to finger my pussy. " Oh darling I need you in my pussy fuck my pussy bhai Vivek" she screamed. The retreated from their 69 position and now Fatima was lying on her back with still with one side of her panties parted to one side. I had three fingers in my pussy now fingering my wet cunt. Vivek moved on top of Fatima and began to suck her tits. He moved from one to the other telling her how lovingly they were.
Fatima grab Viveks cock and guided it into her. Vivek pushed "Oh Ohhhhhh my god you so fucken tight Fatima! " he exclaimed. Vivek was fucking her fast and hard with me he very gentle but here was a differences in his technique.
He was jackhammering her pussy and she was ravishing every second of it.
"Oh you fucken malicious fuck my pussy harder harder " Fatima screamed. Vivek fucked her harder and was obviously lasting much longer than he does in me. By now my panties were drenched in cum from watching my husband fucking our guest. He was pumping her with tremendous speed and power as she barely could keep up with his pace trying to keep rythem. With extreme effort she moved her pelvis trying to match his pace. Fatima's eyes closed as her pussy began to squirt. At the same time Vivek body became rigid as he began to pump his seed into Fatima.
"Oh my god! you 200 times better ...
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