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Partners in Crime

13.10.2013 11:57 EDT
My Maid Meera, is a middle aged woman. Her husband Ajith was convicted for housbraking and rape and is currently serving a prison sentence. Meera  also knew about my sexual appetite and always took my kids to pay when I had my adulterous adventures.
It was the monsoon season and was raining that season we had heavy rains.  Meera and I were the only ones in  house.  She agreed to stay until  Vivek returned from Singapore on his business trip. The kids were fast asleep in their rooms.   Lightning and thunder roared  in the night sky ,as we both sat in the the living room trying to to relax our jumping nerves. The was sudden flash followed by a great thunder and we were left in darkness as the power was out.  The room was in total darkness except the sporadic light we were getting from the flashes of lightning.
It took us one hour. of sitting in dark before we built up the courage to go to the kitchen  were candles stayed.
Meera and I both slowly moved in the kitchen to look for some candles. 
Finally some light.
As we light the candle the was a loud bang upstairs that made both of us jump. We held each other instantaneously grabbing each other as we let out a spontaneous scream of terror.
As our huge shadows were projected on the wall even adding more tension to our already unsettled nervousness.

However the fact that the kids were upstairs already fast asleep in bed, required us to investigate the noise.

Meera took the lead being the more major person as she held the candle stand in her hand and moved diligently upstairs as I slowly steeped behind her poking my head trying to to look forward  from behind her.

We enter the hall and slowly opened the door of the boys room, they were sound asleep,  next we entered the girls room and to my relief they were asleep as well. 
We quickly moved to the guest room it was empty,  than we checked Meera's room everything was neat and tidy.  Next we went to the master bedroom and the're, they were four of them.

"Hey,  I called the police..... what the fuck you doing here you rascals " Meera shouted out in Hindi.
The older man had his back towards us while the the other three just stood, holding some of Vivek clothing in their hand.

The was a moment of silence as though this was an intense chest game as we waited for the men to make their move.
The older man slowly turned his head. A deep scare was visible from a face that could only be fit for a horror movie.

"My Meera.......  sorry darling I only come here for some dry clothing, I heard you worked here now" a firm voice come out of the not so perfect stranger. As he said this he completely turned to face us.
And then we saw the man,  he had deep black eyes, long wavy hair that was graying very fast, a full grey goatee.  His skin was pale and had deep set cheek bones.
"Ajith Ajith,  you were supposed to be in jail " come the unexpected response from Meera.
"Yes my love Meera, 20 years of that hell hole in Chandigarh. prison, I had enough " he blurred out.
"But you....... broke in that house and,  Ajith that Patel woman you rape her, barstard!" stated a very angry Meera.
"Rape, Rape hmmmm you to!  My only crime was not being faithful to you. Mrs Patel and I were having an affair."
"It just happen, and one day her husband came early from work and caught us." Ajith explained calmly.
"Lies lies ....... you broke in her house and forced her I was the in court,  heard her testimony." responded Meera in a bitter angry tone.
"Meera, as you wish,  what's done is done. past is past. I have no control its my faith." answered Ajith in a low but firm tone.

Ajith than looked into Meera eyes and said "Meera if it's not too much,  and I know you don't owe me anything can we have,  just a moment alone. "
He looked at me,  and asked  "Forgive me ma'am please give me a chance with my wife,  I have some issues that need to be explained."

"And you leave me with these convicts I said,  do you think I am mad" I shouted out in a loud voice.
With all the noise that was going on , the was a sudden cry in the kids room Priyanka my oldest daughter was awake and obviously,  startle by the commotion.  I went to her room,  and was followed by Meera.
"It's ok my baby the lights are out. Sleep now it's late" I tried to reassure her.
It took us both about half an hour before she final was sound a sleep.

"Saminda, you know I see you more than just my employer I think of you as a friend.  What should I do with this situation." Meera asked me in a very low voice.  It was was not the voice I knew,  not the confident voice that I used to from a woman that I dependant on.  A woman that who not only took care of my kids but was able to manage my household with the efficiency and dedication that was far beyond the call of duty.
Now I Saminda, was asked to advice a woman that I admired and aspired to be like.

"Just hear what he has to say Meera,  may be it bring you some closure" I advised trying to be as diplomatic as possible.

I held her hand and we both went to the room to meet the men. 
By now they were all dried up using viveks clothing. This enraged Meera even more.
" damt, Ajith you break out of prison,  you come to my place of employment, infringe the privacy and sanity of their home,  and if that's not enough you use their personal goods as if it's you own, you barstard..... you barstard........!" with that she started to pound on his chest with both clenched fists in a fit of range.
I quickly went grabbing her by her shoulder blades and gentle pulled her back. Meera's eyes were full of tears and it was the first time I notice her beautiful round face, fine wrinkles were begin to take shape.  her deep brown eyes were now begin to turn read as tears run done her red checks. 
I held Meera's lump body in my arm weak arms offering her all the inner strength I could muster.
"It's alright Meera,  they were wet, I don't mind. Let's go make tea I sure the gas burner still works."
All six of us come down to the kitchen as we sat in the dim lit room Meera and I prepare some tea for our otherwise unwelcome guests.
"Are you guys hungry?" I asked unenthusiastic.
"YES " was the answers from all four of them.
Meera warmed the Rotti and some curry that was left over from our supper.  The men cobbled it up as the street dogs do when you throw food to them.  After their meal the men were about to leave when something inside me said 'let them stay the night'
"wait its rainy,  if you behave you can use the downstairs bedroom"
" Samy, no let them go they are like animals,  No please " Meera begged.
"Just one night Meera, tomorrow before sunrise I want you gone"
I said firmly.
By now Meera was warming up to her estranged husband.
"Meera, I wanted to ask and wrote so much but never got a reply. " Ajith inquired in a serious business tone.

"I know I burnt all of your letters,  she thinks her daddy died in battle, it's better this way now Ajith!" Meera stated in unconditional terms.

"But still,  how is she I think at least I deserve that must?" Ajith pleaded.

"If you must know very well,  finished top of class,  now in third year MBBS in Rajiv Gandhi university. Full scholarship too!" came the proud answer from Meera.
As Meera and I were going up stairs I stopped her and said
"Meera you know your husband must be starving"

"We gave them food,  I think it's the best meal he had in 15 years"

"No silly I mean his cock, all that time in prison. No pussy" I said in naught voice still giggling waiting for an appropriate response.

"What do you suggest me take him upstairs and fuck him" she asked in sweet voice.

"NO..., that barstard cheated on you I say we go and fuck him and his cell mates together." I said sarcasticily. I though Meera will never agree to this suggestions.
Boy was I wrong! 
"Ok, it's been 15 year 2 month's and 11 days since a man has filled me,  it's about time I catch up. "
With that Meera strolled to the door and opened it with force.  followed her close by.
We entered the room two men were sleeping on the floor and two on the bed.
" I bet you guys never eat pussy in a long time,  lucky for you the is too fresh ones here" with that she removed her sarie. 
"Meera what the hell!" Ajith shocked by his wife action exclaimed.
"AJ join us or shut the fuck up", as she undid het blouse, removed her langa.
"I removed my dress threw my head and now two of us stood with only our panties and bra on
Ajith tried to stop this from going any further by rushing to cover his wife's nakedness but was met with a swift blow from one of the men.  As the men were undressing getting ready for the orgy that was only moment away.

We both removed our bra and panties in a synchronized fashion as we took our position on our backs on the double bed.
"Who going first ?" came the question from Rishi one of the convicts.

"You think you just going to push your cock in our puss,  come suck our pussies first!" I ordered.
Meera and I lifted our legs as two men put their heads in between our legs and started to suck us. 
"Rishi bring your cock here I want to suck it " Meera ordered.
Without a moment's hesitation Rishi cock was by  Meera's face.  His pole was dangling by her lips as she used her hands to guild his pole in her mouth. While the other man, Kana was knelt between her legs kissing the inside each of her thighs.  In the meantime Sunile was lying on his belly his face on my pussy his face rubbing on my bush caressing my cunt. As Rishi pump his enormous pole in and out of Meera's month his hand was rubbing my nipples pinching them pulling them.
Ajith so what was happen to his wife and how much she  enjoyed it and removed his pans and came like an obedient salve.
He placed his soft cock in my month and I took it in one gulp.  As he push it in and out of my month it began to grow to 9 inches.  He followed Rishi example and stared to play with Meera's tits. Sunile's tongue was now slowly sneaking and sucking my cunt from bottom to ...
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