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A peek at me (Sarah)

13.08.2013 01:36 EDT
OK, for starters I'm going to go back several years and explain how we got to the person I am today. As we allknow, I'm a 30 year old lesbian......

But just over 12 years ago this wasn't competly true. Though I'd always known I had a secret thing for girls, well at least since I was around age 13 anyway. This was the firt time I experienced the overwhelming pleasures of another female's touch. She was a few years older so ourlove could only be expressed in private of course. But I'll fill you in more on that a little later on...

As I said it was just over 12 years ago, I'd just recieved the wonderful news of the intended arival of my beautiful lil' girl. Howevr my boyfriend at the time who was of course the father wasn't a thrilled about the news and decided he then wanted to find other thrills. You know the typical situation. Girl gets knocked up, boy hauls ass...

Anyways, This story takes a not so typical turn at this very point. I know your thinking (I know you found the love you wanted in a best friend!) But like I said, this ones not quite so typical.

At this time, I had found a new friendship in the woman next door. She was a few years older and had this wonderful young 14 year old daughter. Well yes my new friend (Linda) was the one who was there for me in my pain, though I wasn't all that distraught over him. But also it was then that I became a lil closer to her daughter (Kim), I don'tknow, something about her being at that age of wanting to be around babies. Eventhough I was still pregnant, she still started spending alot of time at my house. Hell even more time than her mom did. I thought it was really cute, becides I was closer to her age anyhow, So we ended up becomeing pretty good friends ourselves. I guess I was about 4 months along and felling upset about the stretch markes as I was now beging to show pretty good. Thats when Kim suggested I let her rub some lotion on my belly, she said she did it for her Aunt and it really helped. So there I was laying on my coutch wearing only a thin pair of shorts and bra, her applying the said lotion to my belly. It felt really good o that I actually wa about to fall asleep when suddenly I woke up wide awake as I felt her hand innocently did down over my crotch. Now as I said before I have always been into girls, but at this time it had been over 2 years since I was last with a girl. And I must admit I was really atracted to this young teen. but hell I was 18, she was 14. But then our eyes met and she just smiled and continued to massage my pussy through my shorts.

"Uhh Kim, I don't think!"

Was all I managed to say before she smiled and said "Funny, my aunt said the same thing" as her fingers then reached under the leg of my shorts.

The next memory I have from that day was how exciting it was when Linda called and asked to speake to Kim, Sh sat there talking to her mother as normal as anything as she fingered me into an orgasm. Linda thankfuly never found out about us, even after I began a lesbian affair with her, but my special treats where saved just for sweet lil' Kim.

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