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How to Have a Healthy Sex Life (Teens)Teens having a healthy sex life meansmany things to many people. For some, it means steering clear of disease and pregnancy. For some, it means abstinence, and fo

18.11.2014 14:34 EST
Method One of Four:Before You Act1Educate yourself.Many teens do not know that one can become pregnant from having sex once or that one canobtain an STI (sexually transmittedinfection) from different kinds of sex. The more you know, the healthier you can be and the smarter your decisions will be.2Talk to your parents/guardians.Talking with your friends about sex is okay, but they are teenagers just like you. It may seem weird, awkward, or gross but talking to your parents and asking questions about sex will be thebest advice you will get since they have been through it. It may even bring you closer to them.3Talk with your partner.There needsto be many discussions over the issue of sex. You need to talk about previous partners, possible STDs, what to do in the event of an unplanned pregnancy, along with your views on abortion and adoption. If you cannot talk to your partner about this, you may want to postpone sex until the two of you are closer and can talk about these topics.Method Two of Four:Abstinence1Refrain from having sex.This mayseem counter-intuitive to an articleon having a healthy sex life, but considerthis: if 2/3s of teenagers are engaging in sex, thatmeans 1/3 are not. Also, abstinence does not mean not feeling sexual: it means not having sex. If this is the choice you and your partner have made, then do not be ashamed of it. Neither should you be ashamed to have sexual urges with your partner—it would be unnaturalnotto. There are some things you can do to help calm those urges, and stillshare the kinds of intimacies that people in love share:2Enjoy the make-out session but keep your limits firmly in place.If his (or her) wandering hands land where you don't want them, don't just try to block the move with your body language: move them away with yourown hands, and say"No, I'm not ready for that." They should get the idea immediately, and respect you enough to stop that approach.3Break off the make-out session if it gets too hot for either of you to handle.It's completely natural to feel desire, but it's not required thatyou act on that. If you find yourself suddenly overwhelmed with passion, but are committed to remaining chaste fornow, simply back off a bit and say something like "wow,that's hot, but I'm not ready to go further right now. Let's go watch a movie."*.If your partner doesn't understand, or is insistent, don't be surprised: they may not be quite as ready to stop asyou are, and mightbe a little confusedand flustered. However, if they remain insistent, or demanding, or even attempt emotional blackmail such as"If you loved me you would keep going," send them home to cool down, and re-thinkif you want to be in that situation with them again

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