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Getting stomach pain after did masturbation?

21.11.2014 15:03 EST
Don't listen to those kids. As they are kids, they are immature. Today, they are just learning.Give up the habit of masturbation TODAY...! Otherwise, you may face even more problems in the future.The traditional medical science says...""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""...According to the traditional medical science, sex or masturbation may be done at intervals of 35 days or more than 35 days to prevent any adverse effects on the body. During these activities, many importantminerals, hormones, and fluids responsible for the following are rapidly lost.[1] Masculinty ----------> masculine behaviour, body hair, body shine[2] Growth of the body ----------> increase in height and weight[3] Strength of the body ----------> density, stamina, and resistance todiseasesWhy you should give up this habit""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""...You are making your bodydry, loose, weak, and impotent just for pleasure. You eat. You masturbate. It is like "a tank getting filled throughone pipe and getting empty through another pipe".....!All the three-----masturbation, nocturnal emissions, and sex-----arevery harmful to health. A man's semen is his masculinity, energy, and life. Each time semen is wasted, his masculinity, energy, and life decrease.This is simple Mathematics.....!How semen is formed""""""""""""""""""""""""""Just as milk cream is the cream of milk, semen is the cream of the males' blood. It is very precious. Semen is created by the secretory glands from thefood we eat. According to a book I have read, only about 20 g semen is produced from the food that a man consumes in nearly 35 days.(1) From 32,000 g food, approximately 11,153 g chyle is formed.(2) From 11,153 g chyle, approximately 3,887 g blood is formed.(3) From 3,887 g blood, approximately 1,355 g flesh is formed.(4) From 1,355 g flesh, approximately 472 g fat isformed.(5) From 472 g fat, approximately 164 g boneis formed.(6) From 164 g bone, approximately 57 g bone marrow is formed.(7) From 57 g bone marrow, approximately 20 g semen is formed.Where semen is located"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""A common misconceptionis that semen is located only in one part of the man's body, and that, after the man loses it dueto nocturnal emission, masturbation, or sex, it gets filled within the next few hours"automatically". This is completely wrong...!Semen is located throughout the man's body, mixed with blood. Asmall proportion of this semen is located at one part at the centre of the body. After the man losesit due to one of the afore-mentioned reasons, the semen from the other parts of the body is brought to fill this part. As a result, the density of the blood, and so, the density of the body decreases, and the man looks a little less masculine than before. If such loss takes place frequently and over a long span of time, the man may become impotent. In some cases, the situation is so grave that the man looks like"an eunuch".Relation between semen and testosterone""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""...Another huge misconception is that there is no relation between semen and testosterone. This is completely wrong...! Testosterone is mixed with the semen itself. Each time semen is lost, the testosterone mixed with that semen is lost too. Testosterone is very important for three things:(1) Masculinty----------masculine behaviour, body hair, body shine(2) Growth of the body----------growth in height and weight(3) Strength of the body----------density, tightness, and staminaEffects of frequent semenloss""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""According to the traditional medical science, a human male should not do masturbation or sex before the age of 24 years at least. Later, he may do sex at intervals of45 days or more than 45 days to prevent any adverse effects on the body. Otherwise, some orall of the following effectsmay occur:Effects on the head region"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""-----weakening and falling of hair-----mild or severe headache-----pale face with anaemia-----acne or eruptions on the face-----dark circles around the eyes-----sunken eyes-----short-sightedness-----incomplete beardEffects on the trunk region""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""-----pain in shoulders-----palpitation of the heart-----dyspnea - difficulty in breathing-----back pain-----stomach pain <------------------------------ Your problem-----gradual degradation of kidneysEffects on the genetal parts"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""-----wet dreams or nocturnal emissions-----incontinence-----discharge of semen along with urine-----premature ejaculation(only 10-15 minutes instead of the normal 35-40 minutes)-----enlargement of the testicles-----pain in the testicles-----involuntary urination in sleepEffects on the legs"""""""""""""""""""""""-----pain in thighs-----pain in knees-----pain in ankles-----foot pain-----palpitation of legsEffects on the whole body"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""-----phthisis - wasting of tissues-----boils on the body-----early exhaustion-----physical and mental lethargy - lack of energyOther effects""""""""""""""""-----sudden irritation-----sudden anger-----physical, mental, and moral debility-----drowsiness-----laziness-----gloominess-----mental imbalance-----lack of masculinity-----effiminate or womanish behaviour-----loss of memory-----fickle-mindedness-----lack of thinking power-----bad dreams-----restlessness of mind-----sudden jealousy-----sudden fearIn short, just dreary, cheerless existence... :(I hope you have realized that you have to preserveyour semen. Hence, give up the habit of masturbation FOREVER.PRESERVE SEMEN..... PRESERVE MASCULINITY.PRESERVE SEMEN..... PRESERVE ENERGY.PRESERVE SEMEN..... PRESERVE LIFE
I m facing almost all of the problems mentioned by you but serious is stomach pain this is really unbearable just below the sternum in the centre.Plzzzz suggest me from where and how I can start
22.11.2014 15:27 EST,
plzzz reply I think I have to visit you bcoz I really want to say goodbye to masturbate and want my body and life and I know I can still get. ............ I am doing masturbate from the age of 12 I know this is really ridiculous and from the last 8 years continously 15 times a month. I. telling u all this bcoz u get to know where I m standing now but I have done my testosterone test last month but that was awesome something around 794.
22.11.2014 15:22 EST,
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