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Mobile Blog

Story of my wild sex life

I was seduce by older women since I was young. read and enjoy my blog. If my blog offends you get th

This is my mobile blog.
Move on and don't report me! My pic off 2 dogs mating I use that meme discribe how my dog rape me and force me to be his bitch. That how I cope wit... Read more
I was young he keep fucking me hard in my small tight ass. I feels good until his knot swell me as his long large cock drill deep into my gut mixin... Read more
Home alone naked being pin to the floor as my dog shoving his large cock into my asshole. mom not home hearing me cry in pain. feeling unable to mo... Read more
Home alone I being my dog bitch he demand sex I got naked he humbing me as we look in the mirror his fury body cover me. His large with cock entein... Read more
Naked home alone my large dog's cock knotted my ass his knot plugged my asshole his long cock inside my colon pumping cum filling my gut. I resting... Read more
I endure the pain being fuck by him because he's a large dog and I was a small young man. His cock drill my ass hard when it hit the recum it hard ... Read more
I fucking her hard in my room while my parent sleeping I bring my pajamas and underware to my knees just in my parents awaken. I was young inexpern... Read more
My mom left me alone at home again with dog in the house. I was in the bathroom on the tiolet. She said I going to the store. Dog ran into bathroo... Read more
Bring ready to be fuck by him
Inside naked in my friend's dog house. His great dane finish fucking his huge cock in my ass. He knotted me his knot pumping filling my gut with ho... Read more
Long time ago cold winter night sky was clear very cold at night. My family asleep I was awake past midnight I can not sleep. I decide to be bad ag... Read more
I woke up at night hearing mom moaning. My father in jail I have a feeling another man in her bed. I quietly walk towards her room, her door slight... Read more
Naked in my room floor crying pain my large dog's large cock in my ass deep into my colon full of his cum his knot swell in me hurts like hell. My ... Read more
I thought it safe to be at his house when his mom at home. her job called her to come to work. I about to leave Jack clutch his fist, I stayed. His... Read more
since he raped me. My mom let him into the house during rain storm. I know for sure he going to fuck me that night like it or not. At bed time he w... Read more
My friend Jack fucking me on the floor I was on all four. He's bigger than me his cock so big. his cock went so deep in me it hurts. I screem Jack... Read more
I viewing on porn site, he leaning on the fience to waiting for fine stalion to fuck him. Stalion shove his big cock into his ass. Horse fucking hi... Read more
Is where I caught my dog raping my mom under the table while sweeping with a hand broom. Funny how walk in walk my dog fucking my mom, she wear onl... Read more
She in her 60s now I hope she's still a whore
My mistake, I was young reand naked in my room with my dog I just got out the shower. I reach under my bed my large dog jump on me pin to the floor... Read more
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