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I αm αfяaïð øf ισηeιïηeŞ$
$ø Whαt
Ï ιøvë tø вe α£öиê
when u need 'advice', everybody iz ready 2 'help' but when u need 'help',everybod ­y gives u only 'advice'!! (~_~)
'"Smile"' is "ELECTRICITY" And Life is" BATTERY." When ever You Smile the Battery gets charged and A Beautiful Day is activated...:) So keep S... Read more
Every thing is incomplete without 'me'. (me)mory, co(me)dy ti(me), ga(me) so(me)thing, (me)aning (me)eting even the (me)ssage So dont 4get 'ME'... Read more
Have you ever noticed that Rolls Royce and Mercedes doesn't have any commercials ... Why? Reason: They know the value of their product & that br... Read more
Dinta VALO gelo na!sob plan VESTE gelo!!allah jane,amr sathei erkm kno hoy!!
Suddenly Heard ur name from someone,,U were right,I think i have started missing u :'( :'( :'(
We're leaving together But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leavi... Read more
LAST NIght saw it,a waste of download megabytes and tym!it all went vain,,,,wtf!Romantic Thriller turns into Comedy wid the help Of Kareena's Ghost... Read more
Ok,lemme,4get that ,,,,they will do what they always do,,,,nobody can change them.......thats their nature....btw forget that,,,,... Read more
Blog e post deyar sobcheye boro prblm holo post er Title,,,,eto title koi pai?Itz to hard to find a suitable title for ur post!!:-P :O
image - Newest pictures
MY JANTUS,my prantus, my acer Laptus!!
picture by S.s.B
Why we cant laugh like a child??is it because we dont have a heart lyk them or that laugh dont suits us,dnt knw......
The less expectation u have,more happy u would be.......if u dnt have any expectation,the world would be lyk a heaven to u.......
Dnt call me lyk that, Dnt look me lyk that, i will go invisible, u wnt find me again.... Dnt play hide & Seek, dnt hurt me again, forget everything... Read more
U r my pumpkin,pumpkin, hello honey,bunny, feeling something,something, hello honey,bunny! Po...po...po...Po.. :D :D :D
A perfect song from James Blunt,,,,itz awesum,,,already heard it 1000+ tyms ,,1000+ tyms more remaining! My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I ... Read more

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