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How to study well!

07.10.2010 08:53 EDT
In the fast-paced world ofstudying for exams, it's easy to forget that there are somestudy techniques you can use to improve your ability to retain information and to cut your studying time down.These tips for studyings should help you learn how tostudy effectively
->Look for an undisturbed place , free of people and transit noise. These things will favor your concentration.
->Avoid listening to music
while you study .
Otherwise, your attention
may focus on what is more
interesting -- in this case,
the music.
->Make a deal with your
friends to not call you while
you are studying. Turn off
your cell phone.
->Don't study in bed. This is
one of the most important
study strategies because
you need to be alert when
preparing for your exam. If
you're in bed, you may fall
asleep, and I bet you can't
study while you are sleeping.
->Start with doing your
reading from the
beginning to the end .
Don't stop to read details.
Read it again, but this
time separating the
most important ideas of
each paragraph . Search
for the meaning of unknown
->Summarize what you
have read . You will
develop your study skills if
you're able to summarize
what you read using short
and objective phrases.
->Ask yourself: what does
this mean? What does
that mean ? If you don't
know, study it again, and
only stop it when you know
everything that was initially
a mystery to you.
->Study for an hour and
half , with intervals of 10
minutes. Try to relax or eat
a snack during these
intervals; relaxing helps you
to retain the information
during your studying.
->Physical exercise is
important . The dose most
recommend is 3 hours a
week. Physical exercise is a
good way to improve your
productivity and overall
->If you want to sleep,
don't study . If you're
sleepy, you won't learn half
as much as when you're
Now you can start
developing effective study
skills and habits. Good luck
on your next exam!
Welldone yaar
07.10.2010 22:10 EDT,

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