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Happy New Year?

10.01.2010 12:05 EST
Happy new year?Is it really a happy new year?I dont know about that one.With the way of the world nowadays shit just really aint right.We have a president that we thought was good but he's pretty much the same as the last one in office.The status quo shall be maintained with this guy.A day or so after x-mas,a phoney baloney Nigerian-born achmed-muhammad motherfucker carried out a fake flaugin' ass false flag terror attack on plane bound for Detroit from somewhere in the north of Europe.This type of bullshit gives the powers that be more excuses to take away more liberties from people.This my friends is what we Americans call BULLSHIT!!!!ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN CAN SEE THAT RICHARD REED AND THIS NIGERIAN IDIOT ARE NOT REAL TERRORISTS!!!If they were they would have carried out their missions and we wouldn't have this debate about trials for these"terror suspects".These two "attacks"were set up to fail deliberately.First and foremost if I saw anybody after9/11 on a plane lighting ANYTHING I would have taken it upon myself as a man from the ghetto I,(along with at least 10 of my fellow passengers)would BEAT THE SHIT OUT THEM!!!I know this,you know this,the GREAT TODD BEAMER KNEW THIS.Most of all the government knows this.Secondly and finally(all at once),how come these dickheads didn't lock themselves in the lavatory and detonate themselves?Why not blow you and plane up uninterrupted by the asskicking power of these passengers who determined to live?What the fuck is up here,folks?Either these are some dumbassed terrorists(which they actually are you know,with the 72 virgins and the Muhammad cartoon riots and shit...)or someone somewhere in some evil position is seriously after your freedoms.Think about that.UNTIL NEXT TIME.PEACE!!

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