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Life is Never Flate

19.12.2011 23:47 EST
*  ♥ ♥ ♥  *
we just to do what ought to do
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Tips chapter one : How to be honest to your own self ? *
First step : * If u wanna do something must out come from your bottom inside your heart and transfer it to your brain n analyze it by your mind.

The second step ; Evaluation it by your heart not your brain or mind Know how ; Back to your heart n asking it what u have done fairly or not ? If yes , u have progress n if not set back !

The Third step : Practice it every single Doing !

Notes. *This is A New Idealism for living together in peace as ebony n ivory

Tips : Chapter Two

*How to be Sincere for your Own self ? Know how ; First step : Forget for temporary to see out side (others people) and than Focus to see inside your own self so u should to know about good attitude n manners off u !
The second step : Please don't compare about good think n bad think of u , because if u still remember something bad so u should be pain, regret, hopeless n anything negative inside your heart ! <Dirty heart>

The Third step : Let the dogs scream that important things u wanna accept n confess about the truth of u. Because that was based of faith of u ! So U On Faith !

Notes : I just give advice about something good inside u so u have good think! And please don't dig dark site of u!

Notes : Say, Fire Wall to the dark site n start go on to bright site n Let dark site be gone by be gone because history of dark site can't change anything of u, although u crying , u laugh , u beg , u be quiet or just imagine ? Its nothing gonna change ! So please think about it!

Back to basic , Tips Chapter third : How to have compassion ? First step : Let your heart to be honest n to be sincere to your own self.
The second step : Let your spirit to join in with your soul so your spirit can be support to clean your heart.

The third step : Let The holly Spirit comes inside your Heart. So automatically u have compassion.

Notes : The holly Spirit was Compassion, Love,positive energy. He was Highest Subject , He was The First Creator, He was Alpha & Omega ! What do u called Him , up to u ! But I called Him"THE GOD"

Wise Words : *Don't think what I have done but please think about what U have done. * Don't believe in me but just believe in your heart n watching your step <RIO>

I just give enlightening about ; how to open your heart , how to improve your mind , how to practice your brain ! If U wanna honest to your self so u will accept n confess it that is true !!!

Message ; Don't you think who give The God compassion n love? Do U? I think The God who gave to you compassion n love. That's Why You pray n you always beg n always wish to The God, Don't U? The God Only Asked U , to give each others compassion n love !

♥ *Wise words* ♥

 ♥Message & wise words♥
♠  ♥ THE GOD ♥ 
Testimony about New generation.
♥  This My Struggle♥

Let all nations recognize that the question of nations in the world can be solved only by developing a new generation that is based on honesty , sincerity and compassion. * For a new generation that has the way of truth in faithful life. Of course , it takes time and cooperation between nations for centuries. Let us hand in hand , arm in arm..., to create the next generation. In this period was the golden age of human civilization. They care about each other, to live in peace and love The God. The promised Kingdom of God !
Children and Teenager

Fly over Flow"Bring good News to Children n Teenager with Love n Compassion, We will be one Empire in God"

Shout Out to All Leader of Nation in the world.
*If U want to get result in one decade, Educate your Nation *If U want to get result in one Century, Plant Tree *If U want to get result in many Centuries' Build New Generation. #Generation

Fly over flow bring good news to children n teen how to be your own self so u have confident. Here we go...

First step: U must be honest to your own self cause u can rating your self with honesty how much u have creativity n capability

Second step: Known your self before your friends know your weakness if u have done it, with confident u can encounter objection from friends

Third step: Show to your friends what u can do something by your talent to them. With sincerity u share your thought each others. Good Luck!

This Gift for u *It's Hard for me to Hurt children n teenager Hearts #Hard_Hurt_Heart

How to Learn n Grow? *Read a lot of *Heard a lot of n Known much! But not enough, u must focus to find what contain of understanding of it

The second step: Absorb n combine it of several understanding to be one thought draft or concept n process it for analysis!

Third step: Talking to your self, it means question n answer by own self until u think it completed * u can make it for one thought=new idea

I have partner, it called Pink Lady. If someone hurt your feeling just call her at @KatarinaZue. She has many Angel n u can get one!
I wanna give The Key to children n teen "How to" *Thinking - Understanding - Logical = Your thought <Make sense>
01.06.2012 11:46 EDT,
That's Lives , no one can guess what will be happen ! so we just do what we ought to do ! Not we like or dislike to do
13.03.2012 07:12 EDT,

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