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End of web programming tutorial

13.10.2011 02:55 EDT
Guys, today we will finish HTML tutorial with some CSS color codes and some JavaScripts. If you want to learn more about these then visit
Here is some examples for you inside the {} brackets.
<body style="background-color:green">Green body<br/>
<p style="color:red"> Red text </p><br/><a href="" style="color:blue">Blue link</a><br/><u>Underlined text</u><br/><i>Itallic text</i><br/><b>Bold text</b><br/>Options to select<br/><select><option value="vote">Vote this site</option><option value="favourite">Add favourite</option><option value="comment">Write comment</option></select><br/><p style="color:yellow;background-color:blue;">Yellow text with blue background</p><br/>HTML symbols<br/><textarea name="">&spades; &clubs; &hearts; &diams; &larr; &rarr; &uarr; &darr; &copy; &trade; &middot; &deg; &plusmn; &sup1; &sup2; &sup3; &micro; &para; &frac12; &frac14; &frac34; &szlig; </textarea><br/></body>
Now copy this code and paste on your HTML file.
You can use colors in three ways:
*Color name
*Hexadecimal method
*RGB method
The easiest way for beginners is Color name. So, I am giving you some color names below with hexadecimal codes in the brackets:
*green (#008000)
*silver (#c0c0c0)
*lime (#00ff00)
*gray (#808080)
*olive (#808000)
*white (#ffffff)
*yellow (#ffff00)
*maroon (#800000)
*red (#ff0000)
*blue (#0000ff)
*purple (#800080)
*teal (#008080)
*fushia (#ff00ff)
*aqua (#00ffff)
and some JavaScript example inside the {} brackets below:
<script>var name=prompt('What is your name?','Jack Benson'); </script><script>document.write('Welcome '+name+'!'); </script>
And this is the end of our HTML tutorial.
Please write your comments about it.
I like your comments so much!
Ya. Gd. May be you know more than u wrote. Me bodrul amin. (bangladeshi) wanna b ur frnd.
14.10.2011 15:01 EDT,
Very nice Jack! I want to be your friend. I am ria. See my profile and visit my site for more information.
13.10.2011 09:26 EDT,

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