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2011 Has Taught Me...

29.12.2011 02:49 EST

Uhm, kidding :/

2011 has been a rough year, I won't lie! It feels like so much happened in a short space of time. I decided to be random [yet again] & make a list of what I've learned this year. Here are my words of wisdom ;) :

• To know the difference between fake people & real people. I can't tell you how many times I thought people were real but meanwhile, they were just faking. Needless to say, they're in the trash now ((thumbs down)).

• Not to take people's comments to heart. If you take everything people say seriously, you're gonna hate everyone! On the real! Everyone is going to say something that will offend you, whether it's intentional or not. I mean, I had a close friend call me FAT, her exact words were "Wow you're so FAT!" Geez, thank you friend! If I took that comment seriously, I would've lost 25% of my confidence, self esteem & what not. All you do is brush it off ;)

• To love myself. You aren't exactly born to look in the mirror & say "FREAK!! I'M AWESOME!" It's a process, you know. I didn't exactly grow up thinking I was worth something or that I was good-looking. This year, I really learned to "find myself". It's corny but yeah, I know who I am now, if that makes sense.

• To appreciate what I have. Material possessions don't last forever & you might not always have them. There's always someone in a worse off position than you. Instead of complaining about what you don't have [if you're reading this, you really have nothing to complain about!!], you should focus on what you do have. Helping out people who are less fortunate than you also helps you to appreciate what you have.

• To be patient. A lot of things take time to happen. Waiting requires patience. You know the saying "Good things come to those who wait."

• That I have no control over certain things. There's no use in trying to fix everything in your life cause it will eventually fall apart! Do what you can then sit back & relax. You know what I always say... Oh, you don't?! Well, I say, if it's meant to be it will be!

• That I'm getting weirder :/. For real though, the things that come out my mouth! :O I don't know where I get it from! Maybe it's genetic! Lol :/

• To pursue my dreams no matter what. If I wanna be an astronaut, then I'm gonna be one! If I wanna be a miner, hell, I'm gonna go be a miner!! :D Too many times we hold back from doing what we really wanna do all because we're afraid of people's judgements. Who cares about them?! It's YOUR dream!!

• To be positive. You can't go through life being negative. That's just horrible!! Have a little hope, that's what keeps us going.

• That life isn't easy. Life isn't unicorns & rainbows! Let's admit it, the world is a very cold & dark place! You have to be strong to make it out there, nobody is going to feel pity for you because something bad happened to you. You just have to brush it off & continue living your life, even if it means faking your happiness. Well you may not agree but, I do. People take advantage of you if you're always down, I'd rather just put a mask on & fake a smile.

Well that's what this year has thought me... Wonder what's in store for me next year!!
being random and weird is a good thing!! makes you unique :) you've learned a lot of things for someone so young, very mature :)
29.12.2011 14:55 EST,

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